Halloween is coming!

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    Dragon-saddlers, awesome news!
    Halloween is coming and awesome events are waiting for you!

    This awesome event will consist of several stages! It will be available for the players lvl 30+! Halloween will last from October 22 to October 28!

    Online bonuses
    Enter the game and receive rewards for being online! Get a reward for each hour you stay in the game.

    Alchemist Bonus
    Receive more gold in the Alchemist!


    7 Days Recharge
    Recharge 200 balens and receive excellent gifts. Recharge several days in row and be rewarded with bonuses!


    Discount items
    Purchase rare items with a discount. But be careful, time is limited! Some items will be opened for you the higher your level is.


    Gold Chest
    From October 22 to October 28 buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys. The event will be available for players lvl 45+ and on the servers that were opened more than 80 days ago.

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