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    The War Soul system is a new addition to the game, for players over level 100. It has not officially been released in full yet, but with the new Merry Christmas Event, these war soul items are now available for use in game.

    Once you have one of these items, either one of them is fine, you can go into your inventory and click "Use".

    This will open the Soul Interface.

    The Soul is made up of two parts. The War Soul, which is the outer rings. And the Soul Circle which is the center circle.

    The War Soul will increase the damage dealt by your Heroes. The Soul Circle decreases the damage received by your Heroes. Both are very important to level up.

    Once inside the interface, you can choose to purchase more pearls that you may need.

    Both the War Soul and the Soul Circle each have 10 upgrades to do before reaching the next level. Once you have each of them upgraded to the maximum on that level, you will then need to do Enhancement to move to the next level

    Here is Zion, modeling a level 1 War Soul in server 1. Thank you Zion!


    You war soul and soul circle will always be with you, and they change color and shape as you level them up. They show the whole world how strong your soul is!