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    User interface

    Here you can see basic user interface, lets tell newbies where are located some important functions (yes, I found Team UI just yesterday :D )


    There are 4 areas, marked on screen.

    Most important info about your character, gold and topaz reserves are located just in top left corner.
    I guess explanation of gold, topaz, battle power (BP), lvl, name and VIP level is not needed, so let's focus above and below it.


    1. GM - Click there redirects you to ticket system
    2. Recharge - ahem. It's clear I think :D
    3. [​IMG] (optional) - means that you are in team


    1. Gold, sapphire and topaz icons are hiding aristocracy cards.

    2. Health potion - small red bottle just above your gold. Mouseover for finding how much recovery is remaining

    3. "Vortex" icon - lists all long-term bonuses, gained from used skill books

    4. EXP icon (optional) - shows your current EXP bonus, based on world and your level

    5. PVP settings:

    At the top of your screen you find all available rotating events, as well as daily quests - Instance hall, Material instances, Queens instance, Cross server battle and Boss eradication.


    As well you can find there all refund events - is worth to check all events every day.

    On right side you find informations about latency of your internet connection (not working for me, but well), Map, current area where you are, Rating - leaderboard, quest list and few more icons.


    Let's look at first row of them.


    1. T - Team interface: Here you can make your own team or join existing one.


    "Create a team" - how simple :)
    After creating your team you can set up who is able to join and who can invite others. Inviting is simple, just go to tab "players nearby"


    2. Monetary gifts - I am not sure what it is, but it gives you small amount of topazes from bosses, which were killed by others.


    If you click on"Send a red enveloope" at bottom right, you will be able to send topazes to your guild members. For some reason number of members, who will receive it, should be written to 2nd row and has to be between 100-1000.
    If anyone tried and I am wrong, please correct me.


    3. Mail - here is obvious what it is.

    4. Sound settings - on/off

    5. Visibility settings - good, if you need to improve framerate.

    6. Friend list

    7. Settings - many, many, many of them. I recommend to check them all.


    Second row of icons is smaller, but not less important.


    1. Everyday - list of events is hiding there

    2. Icon - collectibles, used for small BP increase, dropped from NPCs

    3. Achievements - simply titles, their list and requirements.

    4. Market
    - trading interface, there you can try selling unbound items to other players.
    NOTE: Topazes, used in market, can be only unbound!

    This bar deserves better explanation, so in future there will be some guides, taking you through every icon and its using.


    So now only quickly.

    Big red ball
    isn't anything else than your HP amount. Mouseover will tell you exactly how are you with HP remaining/full.

    6 squares
    are used for skills.

    Flaming picture
    is your avatar, like it was in Doom or Wolf :D Flames around it show that transformation into (a bit powerful) Heaven Spirit is ready. Duration of transformation is 15 seconds, cooldown is 180 seconds.
    Letters around it:
    • AB - auto-battle settings
    • R - Mount on/off
    • M - Meditation, means gaining EXP when you are idle
    • S - This button opens settings, knows from top of UI

    Character icon
    - there you can find your own char stats, equipment info and tabs and many more things...

    - that's self-explainable.

    Female dragon aka Dragon queen
    icon shows you list of obtained dragon queens (those are little flying persons, following you on each step), their stats, skills, level and appearance.
    Skills aren't added to game yet. So now you can only level them up.
    NOTE: Only one Dragon queen can be active at a time.

    Constellation - by lvling up patrons you will gain attributes. What is upgraded depends on which patron you decided to level up.


    Forging - here you can upgrade your equipment, enhance it, smelt redundant items and put gems into equipment pieces.


    Skills - Shows you skill levels, abilities, allows you to upgrade them.


    Guild - I guess this one is also clear :)


    Magic tree - you can level it up by doing dailies, listed there. Every level gained means bonus stats for you and ability to collect fruits, which give you Femal dragon's materials (stones, used for lvling up Female dragon) and bound topazes.


    Store is store. No need to explain.
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