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    Cross Server Battle - Treasure


    Treasury opens at 15:00 server time and is available until 21:00. There are 3 instances, each one harder than the one before. At the end of each level there is a chest. Each player can collect this before they go through the entrance to the next level.

    Basically the aim of this event is to kill the monsters and gates as quickly as possible, with as many players as possible and pass to the next level. Take too long and monsters will respawn and gates already knocked down will reappear.


    This event can take quite a long time to do, so it's easier to do with as many players from your server as possible. To call all players to the entrance, Sovereign, Prince and Marquis can use a horn

    This is also a cross server event. If you happen to do this event at the same time as your cross servers, you will be attacking each other. My advice is to let the server with the most players go ahead and open the gates for you. You can kill the sarrounding mobs to keep them of their backs instead. All servers trying to kill the same boss/gate is not helpful. When they have opened a gate, follow them through.

    The easiest time to do this is when the bosses are weakened

    Level 1 Map
    There are 3 bosses and 3 gates to be knocked down here. Gates are shown as blue dots. There will be a monster in front of each gate. It is easiest if you kill this first, then move onto the gate. The chest is before the entrance to next level.

    Level 2 Map
    Again there are 3 monsters and 3 gates to be killed here.

    Level 3 Map
    This is the final level and the hardest. There are 5 monsters and 5 gates here.

    Important notes:
    • If you exit, you will have to start from level 1 again.
    • After a gate is knocked down, a timer is shown on the map (hidden under the text atm) When the timer runs down the gate will reappear.
    • Take a long time to knock down a gate, the monster guarding it will reappear
    • If you are reaching the end of a level and need to revive, check to see if any gates have re-appeared, if they have, revive on the spot or you'll have to knock down these gates again
    • Starting from the beginning of a level again, it is quite difficult to get back to the position you died at, without dying many times from the mobs. So you really have to be careful and use your holy cross' wisely. It is easier to run back to the 1st, 2nd gate than 3rd or 4th.
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