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    Hello fellow Dragon Glory Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the Team Dungeons!

    The guide have been split into different sections, which have been put into spoilers. Simply click the spoiler for the section you want to display, and click it once again, when you wish to hide it.

    To access the Team Dungeons: Click on the Team Dungeon icon among your top icons. It should look like this:

    Daily BOSS:
    Daily BOSS is unlocked for all players, once they reach level 39.

    How it works:
    Every day when server resets, 3 new bosses will be appear, which you can challenge to obtain gold. The higher your level, the stronger the bosses.
    Every successful challenge consumes one Challenge Token, and everyone can challenge each boss, once every day. It may happen that the boss uses a player to replace himself in the challenge.

    Players in the World and the Guild Channel can assist you in challenging the bosses. In fact, you do not have to personally go in the battle, but instead, you can chose a replacement. After all the boss challenges are won, the list of the assisting players will disappear, if instead the you lose the challenge, you can still choose another replacement from the list of the assisting players.

    You can also assist others in the BOSS challenge. Every day you can assist others 3 times to get attempts reward. When the assisting attempts are over, you can still keep assisting the others, but you will not get any reward. After all the challenges have been won, both the you and the assisting players, will get the corresponding reward; If your level is different, then the challenge and the assisting rewards will also be different.


    Beast Challenge:
    Beast challenge is unlocked for all players, once they reach level 50.

    How it works:
    Every day, after your guild have defeated the guild beast 5 times, the beast challenge will be unlocked, and you can team up, to challenge the beast boss!
    After clicking on the "Challenge Boss" button you can enter the area. You will have to team up to challenge the beast boss, and the team must consist at least of 2 players.

    Every day, all players will have 2 challenge attempts. If you win a battle, one of the attempts will be deducted and you will receive a reward. If you lose the battle, then no attempt will be deducted. When all the attempts are over, you can still challenge the beast boss (for example to help your fellow guild mates), but even if you win the battle there will be no reward. These attempts cannot be bought.
    It is also possible to put auto accept, so that when your guild mates invite you for the beast boss, you will automatically accept. This is recommended to do if you are AFK, as it will help your friends out a lot!

    Reward and difficulty:
    The difficulty and rewards dropped, from the Beast Challenge, will be determined by the level of your guild beast. If you guild beasts level is high, then the difficulty and rewards from the beast boss, will also be high.

    Guild Dungeon:
    Guild Dungeon is unlocked for all players in a guild, once they reach level 60.

    How it works:
    In the guild dungeon, you can challenge guild bosses, as a party. You can only team up with other guild members, and you must be in a party to challenge bosses in the guild dungeon, with the exception of the elite (which is a solo boss, that does not reward Artifacts). You have a limited amount of challenges each day, and VIPs can purchase more challenge attempts, depending on the VIP level.

    There will be several waves of bosses (depending on what stage you are at) that you and your party have to defeat, in order to finish the guild dungeon. Once you kill all the waves of bosses you will be rewarded with Artifacts/Artifact blueprints as well as Artifact Enhancing Stones.

    The latest boss in your Guild Dungeon, will need to be killed a certain amount of times (collectively by the guild) before you can unlock the next boss. When you successfully kill the Guild Dungeon bosses, while using your attempts, your guild will get progression on that boss.

    Not using attempts:
    You can chose to turn off your attempts, if you helping your guild mates in lower level Guild Dungeon, so that you do not get rewards you don't need, and so that your guild can still get progression from your rewards. Not using attempts/not having attempts also means that your kills on the bosses will not count towards progression (if others in your party have attempts, those will still count though).
    It is also possible to put auto accept, so that when your guild mates invite you for guild dungeons, you will automatically accept. This is recommended to do (along with turning attempts off) if you are AFK, as it will help your friends out a lot!
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    Relic dungeon is unlocked right after reaching lvl 70. You can find it in Team dungeons.

    Every player has one attempt for run and three assist attempts, for helping others (but no reward gained).

    Detailed description can be found here:

    Similar to other team ones you have to make a team and then try to clear one boss (depending on your choose and power) and at every floor is 1 Elite boss, which you have to defeat alone.
    As there are more floors than just 1, rewards are various. Floors are unlocked by reaching certain lvls (70, 90, 110, 130,...).

    Floor 1 rewards prewiev (numbers are random) - Relics, relic enhancing stones, exp stones, gold

    Floor 2 rewards prewiev (numbers are random) - Relic upgrade patterns (Herge's Drawing for upgrading relics), relic enhancing stones, grade 1 refined iron (for upgrading), grade 1 heaven crystal (for forging), exp stones, gold

    Floor 3 rewards prewiev (numbers are random) - Relic upgrade patterns (Ancient Finn Shadowbane for upgrading relics), relic enhancing stones, grade 2 refined iron (for upgrading), grade 2 heaven crystal (for forging), exp stones, gold

    Floor 4 rewards prewiev (numbers are random) - Relic upgrade patterns (Giant's Sword drawing for upgrading relics), relic enhancing stones, grade 3 refined iron (for upgrading), grade 3 heaven crystal (for forging), exp stones, gold

    In floor 1 you can get basic relics, upper floors drop patterns for upgrading - so no way to skip upgrading process :) Also from floor 2 you can get heaven crystals for forging and refined iron for upgrading (needed with patterns, drop of Elite bosses).

    NOTE: JUST REMEMBER, drops are totally random, so there is no quarantee for dropped relics or patterns. That's why they can be ontained also through reward box, as you can see below.

    Do you think that only one run a day is not enough? Fortunately there is way how to get more rewards - also from higher bosses which you can't beat. Only thing needed is that you have enough level for unlock needed relic floor and some another team just killed boss (and spent attempt).


    And at last, if you want to help others with their relics, but you need to go afk, then you can enable "Auto-invite" feature.
    You can choose if you want to turn on auto for guild members or for whole server players.
    Also, if you're not done with your own relic run yet, you can check option "Do not spend dungeon attempts". Then you will use only assisting attempts and that one with reward will be saved for later.
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