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    State Quest
    Here we can see 5 buildings, all of which have a different purpose. Clicking on each building brings up a different page, explaining the benefits received when you upgrade that building. Only 3 people can upgrade buildings - Sovereign, Prince and Marquis.



    Each building upgrade requires a different cost of State Resources. These are obtained from participating in the event "Country Battle" which is on Wednesday and Sunday at 19:00 servertime and daily from the State Mission "Give the information"

    Available state resources that you have can be seen on the Cross server battle - Review page (bottom left corner)

    • Government Hall: This is your main building. None of the other buildings can be upgraded past the level of this. So if you want to upgrade ie, your barn to level 3, first you will need to upgrade Government Hall to level 3. Maximum level of all buildings is 10
    • Armory: Upgrading this will increase soldier's health and attack power Lvl 1 - 5% Lvl 2 - 10% and so on.
    • Military Academy: Upgrading this will increase revenue
    • Tower of Mastery: Upgrading this will raise the level of skills you can from /10 /20 /30 Maximum skill level is 100
    • Barn: Upgrading this will increase the storage of national resources and increase the income from the orchard.. ie from 72000 to 180000

    State Skills

    Only the 3 senior government officials can study skills. So again, same as state quests, this will be Sovereign, Prince and Marquis.

    Learning skills also requires the use of State Resources. Here the cost is 720. The cost of each skill will go up, using more resources with each level studied. Once you start to study a skill a timer will start, showing you how long it will take to complete


    Once the timer has finally finished, you can then learn the skill, which uses your own personal merit. In this picture it is 216 merits per click. My available merits can be seen here, bottom right of skill page
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