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    Hello fellow Dragon Glory Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the event Rubies Bonus!
    This guide has been split into different sections for each event, which have been put into spoilers. Simply click the spoiler, for the section you wish to view. Click it again, once you wish to hide it.


    To access Rubies bonus, simply click the icon among your top icons, that looks like this:

    Help Button:
    Reading through the help buttons before participating in any event, is always recommended. This is what the help button for Rubies Bonus says:

    The Rubies Bonus Event:

    As you can see from the description in the help button, there is 3 types of funds you can invest in, during the event: Knights Bonus (500 Rubies), Temple Bonus (2000 Rubies) and Goddess Bonus (8000 Rubies). You need to have recharged 200, 1000 or 5000 respectively to be able to invest. Each of the bonuses will grow a certain percentage as days passes, this is called "Direct Bonus". The longer you let your investments stay, the more rubies you will get when you withdraw them.
    There is also the "Extra Bonus" which depends on how many players deposits, with the max possible Extra Bonus being reached at an certain number of players for Knights Bonus, Temple Bonus and Goddess Bonus.
    Here is an example of the Extra Bonus for the Goddess Bonus:
    -4Players hade deposit wich mean an Extra Refund of 320Rubies.

    Both the Direct and Extra bonus percentages gets higher on the larger deposits (so investing in the Goddess Bonus will give yield a higher percentage increase for your investment, than the Temple or Knight Bonus would).

    All questions are welcome, so don't be shy! Happy gaming :)
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