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    Hello Dragon Glory players!​

    This guide purpose is to help you understand how to redeem promo codes in game.​

    What are promo codes?
    Promo codes are in game codes where you redeem them to recive amazing rewards for free.
    Where do we get them from?
    They can be recived from diferent activities like Forum and Facebook contests.
    Also sometimes at the start of the month, you can see a code when you try log in into your server.
    If i recive a promo code, when I should redeem it?
    As soon as posible. Those codes have an expire time.
    Where I redeem my in game code?
    To redeem you in game codes is only one way.
    Make sure you have copied your code and just login in game as always.
    In the right up corner you will see an icon that looks like an speaker, just click on it.

    After you click on it will pop up an tab called ''Bulletin'' where you will choose ''Claim Pack'':

    Where you see ''Enter here'', just paste your code and click on ''Claim''.
    That's it! Easy no?
    Hope this was helpfull!
    Enjoy gameing and good luck!

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