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    This guide purpose is to help you understand a little more about Red Envelops and Coupons.

    You still wonder what are those items job?
    I will tell you.
    Red Envelops and Coupons are useful in ''Promotion Shop'' as great rubies discount.

    Where do we get them?
    Both of them can be obtain very easy from ''Mid-Year Promotion''. Screenshot_2.png
    -Stay online from 30 minutes to 240 minutes;
    -Recharge an certain amount of rubies;
    -Lucky Draw;
    -Happy Rank;
    -Daily Target: Personal Target or Target of The Whole Server.

    How do we use them?

    *Click on this icon: Screenshot_5.png
    *Here will open a new tab with different shops where to spend Sapphires and rubies.
    *I have chosen as an example ''Avatar Shop'' ->Avatar Fostering Stone Gift Box

    *After you choose the item you want to buy, click on ''Calculate'' .
    *New tab pop up and you will choose if you want(or not) to get also some extra item for lower price then usually.


    As can be seen in my above illustrations, my first price was 3000 Rubies + 220 Rubies for the Hero EXP Stone so an total of 3220 rubies.
    After calculate, I used 400 red envelops and got an price for 2820 Rubies.
    If you have coupons also feel free use them at once with red envelops for more discount like in my last illustration where the final price was 2420 from 3220 Rubies.
    ***To activate coupon you need click on the coupon you want use.***

    How red envelops and coupons look?

    Screenshot_7.png Red Envelope Illustration

    Screenshot_14.png Coupons Illustration

    *There are only 7 shops where can be used coupons.
    *Each coupon have a different discount and different color for each shop.

    *Meaning of coupon number:
    -100 can be used in shop for the purchase over 500 Rubies;
    -200 can be used in shop for the purchase over 1000 Rubies;
    -400 can be used in shop for the purchase over 2000 Rubies.

    *Color meaning:
    -yellow: only useful on Avatar shop
    -blue: only useful on Gear shop

    -orange: only useful on Goddess shop
    -purple: only useful on Gem shop

    -pink: only useful on Divination shop
    -green: only useful on Dragomon shop
    -teal: only useful on Hero shop

    I hope this guide was helpful.
    Good day/night!
    Enjoy gaming!

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    awesome guide ally :)
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