[Guide] PvP in Wings and Claws

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    Arena [Level 21]

    Arena provides players possibility to demonstrate their battle capacity. Arena interface allows players to challenge other heroes with a bit higher ranking. If the battle ends with success, the victor takes the ranking of defeated player. After the battle player received Prestige (x2 for victory). Prestige unlocks purchase options in honor shop and can be used to promote fame. Each day players receive a relevant amount of diamond and fame based on their ranking.


    Faction War [Level 28]


    After reaching level 28 the player is given a choice to join one of the two forces, fighting against each other in the kingdom: Amity and Supremacy. Once in a Faction, players will be able to make new friends, obtain resources and fame and participate in PVP battles. Within each Faction, players can also compete with each other to become the best in the rankings and upgrade their status.


    Upon completing Faction Quests, players receive Faction Badges and Faction Points as rewards. Badges can be exchanged for rare items, Points can be used for improving characters’ abilities. After joining one of the Factions, players can build a clan or join one. When a single member of a clan completes a clan quest, all members can get rewards.


    Players can get additional Faction Points while challenging other players in the Bounty Quest menu. Upon collecting a certain amount of Faction Points per day, players can claim a reward chest, containing Faction Badges, which can be exchanged for valuable resources.

    Faction events:
    • War: The war among Amity and Supremacy lasts 7 days. The Faction with the highest war points will claim the victory and get the authority of the Holy City.
    • Guard the Goddess: Enemies will appear from four rings in the battlefield, they will run to the Goddess and attack her. Players have to stop the enemies from killing her. When her life points run out or the event time runs out, the event will end.
    • Holy Blessing: Players can collect resources and donate them to the goddess. The more donations she gets, the more EXP she will repay players with.
    • Falling Chests: Chests will randomly appear in the Holy City and players can collect them to get various rewards or unseal new stories.