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    How do I find my player ID?

    Probably everyone of us (or most) needed his/her ID one day. For communication with support, for contests, etc.
    But still here are players, which have no idea where they can find their ID - or worse, they have no idea about existence of something like ID. :eek:

    So, where can we find it?

    Just right-click somewhere in game, popup appears.

    And now quiz. Hardest you've ever seen. Where is ID hiding? :D

    Of course, here. Select "Copy Character ID" and click on it (normally, not right-click again).


    Now is your ID copied in clipboard. To get it out of there, open Notepad or Email client or whatever text thing you want and press Ctrl + V.

    Did there appear some bunch of numbers? If so, you succeeded in this challenge.

    If not, you have to repeat all steps and I am sure that you will succeed too, earlier or later. It must work :)

    KEEP YOUR ID ON SAFE PLACE, you never know when you will need it.
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