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    Hello Everyone this Guide will describe Pets and Pet Training.

    Pets will unlocked when Player reach level 70.A new tab will shop up on your down Tabs
    There is 3 different type of Pets and they can be bought from Shop for 320 Balens each.

    1)Dragonet: This Pet is PATK(Psysical damage).This pet must be equiped on your main character.

    2)Carpisa:This Pet is Defensive one.You should equip it on your Tank Hero.

    3)Gremlin:This Pet is a MATK(Magic Damage) .It should be equiped on your two support(magic)Heroes.


    Here you will have 4 different options.Train,Pet Discipline,Upgrade and Breed.You can level up pet stats and level and make his quality better.Also you will be able to equip Pet Anima to get your Heroes extra stats.


    Here you will choose the pet you wann to level up his star.You will need to have pet whistles..When you will fill up all the Bars you will be able to upgrade his star.


    Pet Discipline
    Here you will able to see your Pet anima that you have and you can choose in which pet you wann to equip them.Pet anima give you extra stats. Pet anima can be get from Pet wheel event https://forum-en.101xp.com/threads/pet-wheel.44643/ and in some other Events.

    Here you can upgrage your Pet anima level..You will need to have Pet essence.They also can be get from Pet wheel event and other events.


    Here you Will Breed your pets.Choose the one you wann and fill up the cultivation progress to evolve pets quality level. You can use Luck stones to get more success rate

    I Hope this Guide Help you all! Have Fun and Enjoy the Game.!
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