[Guide] Merry Christmas Event

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    Christmas Event Guide : Basic Guide

    Dec 22-28 2016
    Our much awaited Christmas Event is here! Wonderful events and prizes await....Goddesses, holiday fashion, exclusive wings and a Reindeer mount are all waiting for you!


    7 Day Recharge event


    This portion of the event asks you to recharge at least $2.00 for 7 days straight for bonus items. On the seventh day - if every day has been recharged - you will receive a purple goddess talent card.

    Recharge Rewards


    As always, when you charge, the more you buy the more bonus gifts you get. The Recharge rewards resets every day to allow more of these bonus gifts to become available.



    The lottery works as you spend recharge balens. You get one entry into the lottery with every 100 recharge balens you spend. You can claim 2000 entries in one day.

    Discounted Items


    There are many wonderful items in the discount shop to purchase with recharge balens only, including Mounts, Astral Packs, Fashion, and more. You can purchase one fashion outfit for yourself and give a Christmas gift to a friend or loved one as well. Balens spent here open Lottery codes.

    Online Bonuses


    The log in and Stay online is back. When you log in to play and stay logged in, you are able to pick cards that have gifts on them. One per hour and two is the max allowed for the day. Be sure to log in every day for at least two hours to receive all the awards

    Christmas Tree


    The Christmas Tree allows you to make wishes with recharge balens. Get great bonuses and stockings to use in the Christmas Exchange event. Wish once, ten times, or fifty times. The treasure chest in the right hand top corner gives bonuses for the gifts you open. The more gifts opened, the more bonus items become available. These balens spent on the Christmas Tree do count toward entries in the Lottery event.

    Christmas Exchange


    The Christmas exchange uses the stockings that you receive from the Christmas Tree portion of the events to exchange for items. Each item has a specific number of stockings that you must exchange to earn the item. Each item has its own limit of how many you are able to acquire. For instance, you can only exchange stockings once for a single Warm Winter Coat fashion item. The Purple Cancer Goddess Talent Card allows you to exchange stockings for up to 4 of these talent cards. There are Goddess cards, another fashion set, fashions souls, and so much more. Enjoy these wonderful extras available for you.

    The exclusive and beautiful Reindeer Mount is available in the Christmas Exchange.

    Female Character wearing the new Christmas fashion and wings available in this event.

    Male Character wearing the new Christmas fashion and wings available in this event.

    Merry Christmas from all of us at Dragon Blood!!