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    Hello fellow Dragon Blood Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the Magic Circle!

    All pictures in this guide have been put into spoilers, to make it more orderly and easier to read. Simply click the spoilers to show the pictures (click the spoiler again when you wish to hide them).

    Magic Circle Icon:
    The button used to access Magic Circle will be this icon. It will be located among your bottom icons. To open the Magic Circle window, simply click it

    Magic Souls:
    There are 6 different types of souls: Wind, Light, Fire, Dark, Thunder and Ice. You can have 1 of each type equipped, on each of your heroes in formation. Magic Souls can be unequipped and you can change which heroes has them equipped, so equipping one is not permanent. They all give a random stat bonus. The amount of stat bonus depend on level, and the type of stat can be refined. Magic Souls also give you skill points, which are used to activate the skills. Both the type of skill and the amount of skill points can be refined, but every soul has a max amount of skill points they can reach, depending on level.

    Passive Skills:

    Once you reach 100 skill points for a specific skill, that skill will reach level 1 and you can activate it. You can only have 1 skill active on each character. If you get more skill points, it will allow you to level it up further, for increased effect.
    The different types of skills are:
    Freezing: Your attacks have a chance to stun enemies for 2 rounds.
    Refresh: There is a chance to refresh active cooldowns.
    Guard: You resist a certain amount of damage, in the first round when entering battle.
    Defence: Reduces a specific percent of the damage you take.
    HP: Increase HP (based on your max HP), in the first round when entering battle.
    Drain: When your health falls bellow a certain amount, some of the damage you do is restored as HP.

    You can enchant the Magic Souls, which increases their level. This will improve their stats and skill point limit. You do this by using Magic Soul Enhancing Stones and additional souls of the same type.
    It costs 50 stones to get a soul up to level 2, 100 stones and 1 soul for level 3, 250 stones and 2 souls for level 4, 400 stones and 4 souls for level 5 and so on. The max level a soul can reach is 10.


    Refining the Magic Souls, is what will allow you to change the type of stats and skill points. When you refine your souls, the amount of skill points also changes, but all souls have a skill point limit, which can't be exceeded. The higher skill point limit a Magic Soul has (Improved by enchanting) the more skill points it will be possible to get from refining.

    Where to obtain Magic Souls:
    Magic Souls, Enchanting Stone and Refining Stones can be obtained from various events, but the easiest way to obtain Refining Stones, are simply to buy them from the shop. For Magic Souls and Enchanting Stones the best way to obtain them are from the "Magic Soul Wheel" event.
    During the event, you can spin the wheel a certain amount of times per day, depending on your VIP level.