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    Hello fellow Dragon Glory Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the Guild System!
    This guide have been divided into different sections, and sections have been put into spoilers, to make the guide more orderly and easier to read. Simply click the spoilers to show each section and click the spoiler again when you wish to hide it.

    Joining a guild:
    Guilds are available for all players, once they reach level 32, but first you must chose a faction.
    You can chose between Horde and Alliance. You can also choose the Random Join button and get the sword and gold if you just don't care which faction. However chose your faction carefully as this cannot be changed, once you have chosen!


    After Joining a faction, you can choose which guild you would like to join or create your own guild


    Choosing your guild members:
    Guild Master (one person)​
    1. Pick members to be of higher ranks to help out with the guild.​
    2. Makes basic rules for everyone inside to follow for chat and possible events​
    3. Change the Notice board for guild members to read​
    4. Level up buildings when guild resources have been met​
    5. Accept or Expel to or from guild

      Guild Master Election: Happens after the Guild Master has been gone for 3 consecutive days. In the event that this happens guild members give their votes to say who gets to be the next Guild Master. Which ever guild member gets the most votes becomes the new Guild Master which takes effect on the 3rd day at reset.
    Vice Master (two people)​
    1. Answer to Guild Master
    2. Assist with guild notices and possible changes in it
    3. Leveling up buildings
    4. Accept or expel members of those lower than given title
    Elder (three people)​
    1. Answer to Vice Master's and Guild Master
    2. there to help out the more inexperienced players
    Members of guild.jpg

    Guild Home page:

    This is the guild homepage, where you can see your guild info, guild notice and the different guild events.


    Guild Building:
    All guild members that participate in guild events and contribute to the guild, will receive guild resources. The Guild Master and the Vice can consume the resources to increase the level of your guild buildings, which allows you to get a variety of bonuses.

    Meeting Hall: Leveling up Meeting Hall will increase the guilds level.

    Tavern: The number of guild members you can have in a guild, will increase as the taverns level goes up (5 more available spots for each level the tavern increases).

    Bestiary: Increases the guild beasts level.

    Treasure Shop: Leveling up the Treasure Shop, will increase the variety of items you can exchange there.

    Library: Increasing the Library's level, will increase the level of your Guild Skills.


    Demon Temple:
    At the Demon Temple you can challenge powerful bosses. When one of your guild members defeats a boss in the Demon Temple player, other guild members will get a powerful Buff Bonus, allowing them to kill the boss more easily and obtain the rewards.


    Guild Beast

    When The guild bestiary reaches a new level, you can immediately activate the corresponding level for the guild Beast.
    All guild members can feed the guild beast every day, but each person can only feed the guild beast once.
    When the beast has fully grown it will appear at the Guild Base, and guild members can proceed to challenge the boss, to obtain rewards. If you win the Beast challenge, you can according to the situation, get some special products too.


    Guild Treasure Hunt:
    Any guild member who have spent a certain amount of Rubies during a day, can open the indicated treasure chest, which at the same time lets other guild members to conduct a treasure hunt where they can win the reward inside the chest. The player who opened the chest, will also receive a certain amount of guild, when 5 players have conducted the treasure hunt.
    It is worth to note, that you can only rewards from 2 chests of each type.


    Achievement Chest: According to the level of your guild buildings and the history of your contribution, you can receive different Achievement Chests.


    Guild Skills:
    Every time the Guild Library reaches a new level, new Guild Skills will immediately be upgraded to the corresponding level.
    Learning a skill will result in your heroes getting stat bonuses. Guild skills expire after 7 days, and will need to be activated again, which requires some guild contribution.


    Guild Shop:

    When the Guild Treasure Shop reaches the first level, the Treasure Exchange will activate a variety of items will be there, available for purchase. As you progress the levels of your Treasure Exchange, a higher number of products will be available in the Guild Shop.

    Guild Store.png
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