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    Hello Dragon Blood Players! This Guide will help you with Golden Egg Event.

    Level and Location
    To be able to take part on the Golden Egg Event, Player level must be lvl30+
    You can enter the Event by clicking on the Icon on your Screen Tabs


    Don't forget always to read the Help describtion, to understand better the Event.

    Log in Dailly and Recharge

    During the Event, Log In dailly to get your 1 free attempt to crack Egg and win amazing reward. Recharge minimum 500 Balens and you will get extra 1 more attempt.
    Keep Recharging in a row to get even more attempts to crack the Eggs.


    Crack the Eggs and Rewards
    Use your attempts to crack the Eggs and win rewards with possibility to get a rare reward item.
    a) Cracking all the eggs with yield rare rewards!
    b) You can get extra rewards from chest if you will crack all the eggs in row,column,diagonal.


    Have fun and always remember to claim your Rewards before the Event Ends!
    Play Dragon Blood
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