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    Fun Quests
    This quests will be available once reached level 90.
    Fun Quests are mini games with purpose to entertain players and give great treasure for Dragon King task.
    Each quest after is completed, players can receive rewards like:
    *EXP Stones to level up heroes;
    *Eggs to activate dragons;
    *Young Dragon Energy Rock to increase EXP of a Grade Dragon King/Queen;
    *Demon Soul to breakthrough Dragon King below Grade 6;
    *Death Wing to quenching the physique of the Dragon King below Grade 6;

    *Dragon King Talent EXP Rock to upgrate Dragon King Talent and increases EXP of it after using.

    Fun Quests can be found on the right side of the screen together with other daily Quests.
    To complete an quest you need to click on it or just go to Tundra Land and find Lvl 90 Daily Fun Quest Assign Quest NPC--Diana.

    -In this Quests will be found 9 different mini games;
    -Some games may repeat as a new quest;
    -The ''Fun Quest'' consist in 20 tasks to complete;
    -After all are done, you can buy attempts to play and receive again rewards.

    Watershed Game, require to por water in the kettle as much it need it.
    As can be seen on my above picture, we have an kettle with capacity of 5L and one of 3L.
    Quest is asking for 5L of water on the big kettle and 1L of water in the small kettle.
    -Fill the 3L kettle and after pour it into to 5L and repeat action(3L into 5L) and the final answer will be 5L of water on the big kettle and 1L of water on the small kettle.
    ~Quest completed~
    Impossible to finish it? You can easy change the question by clicking on ''Change to another question''.

    In this quest we simply need to move the numbers by clicking on each number (only numbers next to the empty square can be moved).
    For example i can move only 1 2 or 3 because only this 3 numbers are around the empty square.
    Play with the numbers till you get them on this position:
    1 -> 2 -> 3
    ->4 -> 5

    ~Quest completed~

    To find differences is an common game from when we was little.
    As can be seen on my above illustration, on the left we have original picture and on the right the defected map.
    Just click on the differences you see on the right side picture and the quest will be completed.
    If you are not able to find any, and you are using for 5 times wrong clicking the quest will automatic close and send some random rewards as an encouragement.
    ~Quest completed~

    download (2).png
    On this game we will find 2 different areas from World Map divided on 3 pictures maps to make easy for players to find the place where the thief could hide.
    One area is the true clue and other area is an fake clue.
    If you follow one area and you don't find the thief there, just run to other area.
    After you find thief, just click on it and fight him.
    ~Quest completed~

    Whack-A-Mole game is about just to click on the little black gopher.
    Do not hit the red gopher or you will lose points.
    After 30 seconds the game will increase the speed of the gopher.
    You have only 1 minute to finish this quest.
    Reach or not the points require, the quest will be done after time is up.

    download (1).png
    In this game, you will receive 4 pieces of puzzle and need to complete the empty puzzle(squares) from middle.
    To rotate one piece position, you need to click on it multiple times till you get the position wanted.
    To move them, just click on it and keep it till you reach the place you want add it.
    Complete all the puzzle(squares) with puzzle pieces and quest will be completed.

    This game is about to move from left to the right and find the exit from it.
    You can move from 1 to 5 steps, if you click more steps, nothing will happening.
    After you reached the exit on the right side the quest will be completed.
    Tips: Zoom out to 90% the screen of your computer to see all the maze.

    download (3).png
    Answer to 3 question on this mini Quiz.
    ~Quest completed~

    download (4).png
    On this game you need to defeat 5 Dragon Servants.
    ~Quest completed~

    All this mini games will give rewards according the time/moves/right answers you have used in the game.
    Each mini game you think you can't finish can be skipped by using 10 rubies each time by clicking on ''Complete quest immediately''.

    I hope this guide was helpful.
    Enjoy gaming!
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