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    Forum guide

    This forum is based on Xenforo, so some of you, who already played something another :)D) know how it works, at least a bit.

    Unfortunately, here are some messed user settings, which prevent you from accessing important things (like settings) directly - also this forum is connected to 101XP portal, so for some adjustments you will have to go through portal.

    In this guide I would like to put some helpful links, for example for direct access to settings, etc. and "how to...".

    User account
    Once you come here, you have to register before being able to write.
    For registration you have to click on "User" in top right corner.

    Then you will be redirected to 101XP portal site, where you have to create account - there you can choose if you wanna do it by connecting to your FB (I am not a fan of connecting accounts together, tbh) or by creating new account with your email address and password.


    There you can also check EULA and Privacy Policy. It's recommended before you start to play, because by creating an account you agree with both of them. :)

    After creating of your account you will be asked to email confirmation in order of better acc safety.

    At same time you will receive "Welcome" email.
    If you want to verify your email (I recommend it), just hit "Confirm" button on top yellow row, or go to your portal profile info, find row with email and click on "Verify".

    Well, now you have your account fully working.

    Next stage - Username setting and preferences

    Once you do your account by FB, you will have random Username like Player123456789. Do you like it? If not, you can change it whenever you want.
    How? Just go to 101XP portal, select Info (where you verified your email earlier) and at bottom you will find your actual nickname with "Edit" possibility. So? Edit it, it will show on boards in few minutes.
    Same way you have to use, when you want update your profile picture.

    Now we will look closely to your user panel, which can be found on right side of forum.

    Go to top right corner and click on "User", some panel will slide out.

    1. Conversations - There you can send and receive messages from others, usually it's called "PM". (Guide for PM can be found HERE)
    2. Notifications - If you write some post, create thread or just select thread for watching, all informations about answers, changes etc will be shown here. Also you will have there notifications for obtained likes, earned trophies etc.
    3. Profile - It will send you directly to your forum profile.
    4. Settings - oook, this could have better explanation, but click and you will see all, what is possible to set on your account (I suggest to change your local timezone for correct showing of forum time - in "preferences"). Also it's still not working correctly, so you have to get there through other tabs, or by clicking on this link, used for setting of signature (and then finding wanted thing in right menu)

    Checking what's new

    If you are interested in latest things written on forum, you can check "New posts", located on right side of forum layout. But remember, this forum is used for all 101XP games so you will see there all new posts from all games, so it's a bit messy.





    Another way to check is opening just Dragon Glory submenu and check sections, imteresting for you.
    Opening DG section





    Located on right side of forum, again.
    This is quite useful function, if you want to know about previously written things (handy when you meet an issue and want to know if it's not reported already, or you need to find any info about game). Still, remember, it searchs in whole forum (so in all games) by default.

    So I reccomend to use "Advanced searching", opened by clicking on "More" grey button or HERE.
    Then this window will appear.

    In advanced searching you can select forum, related to your demands. So if you need to find something only in DG section, select "Dragon Glory" and let checked "Search child forums as well", as it shown on screenshot.
    Rest, like "Keywords" or "Posted by member" things are self-explanating I hope.

    Profile posts

    I think it doesn't need explanation. Most of you use Facebook, and profile posts are like that, only difference is that all what you put on your (or others) profile is visible for all and also all can comment or like.
    Where they are? Well... unbelievable. On right side of forum layout :D


    Result after clicking on "New profile posts"


    Also they are accessible through this link.
    There you can share deep thoughts, opinions (but Forum rules apply on that, too) or just write questions for others, if you don't want to use private messaging.
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