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    Stones system

    Stones are available once you reach 95th level.

    All stones' materials (fostering stones, enhancement stones and refining stones) can be bought at the:
    -Black Market paying either sapphires or rubies(you can buy every stones' material only twice a day with rubies and twice a day with sapphires);
    -In the Quartermaster Store in Dragon Hegemony CS Event's Interface;
    -As a reward for attacking the statue during Zodiac Event;
    -Demon Coming, monthly event (challenge stages to receive for free stones, the more stages you challenge the more the rewards to be claimed);
    -Diferent festival events.

    By clicking the "Formation" icon in the bottom menu you can open Stones' interface
    1-> formation.png 2->After you click on Formation just click on STONE tab: formation1.png

    Select the formation position you wish to raise in level (i.e.: position 5 in the picture) then level up the stats one by one by using "Level up".
    "One click upgrade" will level up the stats in clockwise order starting from the light blue one (ATK) selected in the picture.
    Please be careful that if you move a hero from one position to another, the stones will follow your hero.

    Here you can use Stone's Fostering Stones to raise ATK, DEF, HP, CRT and Anti-CRT.

    Here you can use Stone's Enhancing Stones to raise ATK, DEF, HP, PNT and Anti-PNT.

    Here you can use Stone's Refining Stones to raise ATK, DEF, HP, Block and Break-BLK.


    Clicking the "Stone Master" icon, or "Enhancing Master" or "Refining Master", you see for each slot (aka position) the requirement for gaining extra attributes, the extra attributes and how much BP they'll add, as well as the attributes of that slot's current level and relative BPs.
    Once you reach for a certain level in Fostering, Enhancing and Refining you can get extra attributes:

    MAS1.png MAS2.png MAS3.png
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