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    Forging icon is hiding 9 tabs, which you need for upgrading your equipment and improve your BP.

    Nothing more or less than enhancing your equipment - you need money for do that and you can enhance only to your current character level.

    In "Advance" tab you can upgrade your current equipment to higher level with obtained scrolls :)

    NOTE: Without awakening you will be able to upgrade it only up to lvl 160. Rest will be described in solo thread.
    There are few color stages. For advance to next color you need enough gems of needed color and type.
    Gem qualities are similar like in other game parts.
    Blue -> Orange -> Red -> Dark Gold -> Fire Yellow

    Below you can find a table where is saved how many gems of each type you need to next upgrade - but be careful, amount given is for each piece of equipment.
    Also pay attention to gem type, as there are 4 of them:
    Weapon, Jewelry, Clothes and pants, Defense.

    You can acquire whole gem but also only fragment of it - for gem completion you have to find 10 fragments and combine them to 1 gem. And yes, fragments are divided by color and type too :D Great, isn't it?


    Interface for another kind of gems. Not upgrade ones, but those ones, which have to be socketed into equipment pieces.
    Each piece of equipment has 6 slots for these gems. Some pieces have it locked, though and you need to unlock it by using "drill" :D
    If you have gem socketed and want to remove it, hold mouse on it, there will appear "extract" button.


    I don't think here is needed any further explanation, as game leads you towards socketing and/or upgrading them itself.

    For raising star lvl of your equipment you need to get various materials, obtained in Treasure hunter's path and Myriad tower.
    For upgrade up to 10 stars you need green crystals, 11 - 20 stars blue gems, then violet etc. Maybe I will collect all amounts one day (or someone knows them and will share with us).
    Max. amount of stars is tied with "Increase stats" tab and equipment quality.

    normal -> up to 10 stars, green crystals
    superior -> 11 to 20 stars, blue crystals
    splendid -> 21 to 30 stars, violet crystals
    superior -> 31 to 40 stars, orange crystals

    Here you can upgrade another type of equipment quality (in case if yuo didn't get lost yet) :D This quality affects max. amount of stars, as I mentioned in previous tab.

    normal -> superior eats 1 affinity gem (purple - super affinity one) - myriads lvl 1
    superior -> splendid 5 gems (orange - best affinity ones) - myriads lvl 1 and 2
    splendid -> superior 10 gems (orange - outstanding gems) - myriads lvl 2 and 3
    superior -> rare 15 gems etc. (red - rare affinity gems) - myriads lvl 3 and 4

    In this tab you can smelt redundant items like gems, equipment scrolls, etc.
    Smelting of scrolls gives you certain amount of equipment fragments or magic fragments, used to buy missing scrolls in boss window.
    Smelting of gems gives you smelting exp - not sure what they are good for. :D

    Lowest quality equipment or bound items are smelted automatically, if you hit "Smelting in 1 click" button. Items, which are unbound, have to be smelted manually by clicking directly on them. And you don't need to worry about items, which you can use in future - those are filtered by auto so for accidental smelting them you have to uncheck "hide the item of the highest quality" checkbox.

    In "Compile" interface you can create whole items by using their fragments. Self-explaining I believe.

    This is very important tab once you finish first awakening turn.

    Guide - Awakening

    To be able to upgrade equipment to lvl higher than 160, you have to finish 1TURN awakening. But, once you make it you have to hammer every single piece of equipment.

    1turn - 200 hammering/forging (I think)
    2turn - 250 hammering/forging
    3turn - ??? hammering/forging
    4turn - ??? hammering/forging

    After filling up hammering bar you will have to polish, again every single equipment piece. It costs 2500 blue demon eyes from Tower of the Eye (there can be earned 600 eyes per day for free).

    NOTE: amount of eyes needed is for 1turn, as I didn't get further yet. I will try to update it as soon as I will find out.


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    Not sure exactly which number it starts at for green because mine are all to far already. But its the same number of crystals as the level you are increasing to and adds one crystal per lvl. For example to go from lvl 4 to 5 would take 5 crystals. Blue crystals start at 6 and increase 1 crystal per lvl. Violet start at 11