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    Hello fellow Dragon Blood Players!
    This guide will be explaining the brand new event, Fishing Master!
    Fishing Master is available to all players above level 30!

    All pictures in this guide have been put into spoilers, to make it more orderly and easier to read. Simply click the spoilers to show the pictures
    (click the spoiler again when you wish to hide them).

    Help button:
    You should always read through the help button before participating in an event, to make sure you know how the event works.
    This is what it says:

    Fishing Master Icon:
    The button used to access Fishing Master will be this icon. It will be located among your top icons.
    To open the Fishing Master window, simply click it.


    Once you click the icon, the Fishing Master window will appear:
    Here you can chose between Fish Once, Fish 10 times and Fish 50 times. This is done by Recharge Balens or Fishing Nets. Fishing once costs 20, fishing 10 times costs 190 (19 each) and fishing 50 times costs 900 (18 each).
    Some of the rewards you can obtain includes the Ghost Fashion Set, Single-Stat Red Astral Packs, Orange and Purple Talent Cards (Aries or Sagittarius), and a Double-Stat Red Astral (Crit+Break block). You can also obtain Reward Balens, which is put into a pool every time someone fishes (you can obtain 1, 5 and 10% of the pool).

    Fishing Points:
    You will obtain 10 Fishing Points each time you fish. The amount of Fishing Points you have will determine your ranking, and you can also open chests containing Fishing Nets and other goods once you reach certain amounts of points.
    It is worth to note that Fishing Points reset daily, which means that you can not accumulate points over several days. However, this also means that you can obtain the Fishing Points rewards every day.
    This is an example of a chest you can open (this one is for 25 000 fishing points):

    Fishing Nets:
    As you can see from the previous picture, you obtain "Small Fishing Net" from the Fishing Points rewards. Small Fishing Nets allow you to use the "Fish Once" button for free, 1 time for each Small Fishing Net you have. Medium Fishing Nets and Large Fishing Net has the same effect for the "Fish 10 times" button and the "Fish 50 times" button, respectively.
    Keep in mind that even if you have 10 or 50 Small Fishing nets, these will not be consumed if you use the buttons for fishing 10 or 50 times. Small Fishing Net will only be used if you click Fish Once!
    This is how the Small Fishing Net looks:

    Rankings and Master Rewards:
    After each day of the event, players ranked with the top 10 highest fishing points will be available to receive the Master Rewards. The ranking system is cross-server, meaning that you will be competing against players from different servers, as well as your own. The rankings are calculated from 00:00 - 23:55, meaning that if you play during the last 5 minutes of the day, your ranking will not be counted, so avoid doing that if you're aiming for these rewards. Rankings are updated every 30 minutes, so don't worry if your ranking doesn't show immediately.
    The Master Rewards include Aries Goddess Shards, MATK Forge Stones, Goddess Crystals and Dragon Spirits:
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