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    Evolving skills, once you reach level 100, can be a confusing task.
    Once you reach level 100, you will see this new little Evolve button open up at the bottom of some of your skills.

    Lets look at each of the top 4 skills and what it will take to evolve each one.

    Slash -> Blood Moon Slash (Available at level 100)

    To upgrade Slash to Blood Moon Slash, You must meet the requirements as listed here. The tricky part is the last requirement. "The quality of Devil's Soul reached outstanding."

    The Devil's Soul is this Clothing Fashion Item and can be found on sale in the shop.

    You will need to Identify it first, of course. And then using the Advance button, and some fashion souls, you can increase the Devil's Soul enchanting to Outstanding.

    Fireball -> Angel's Trial (Available at level 100)

    To evolve Fire ball to Angel's Trial, you must meet the listed requirements, which include "The quality of Angel Holy Heart reached Outstanding". Just like with evolving the Slash skill, this one also is a Fashion item.


    The Angel Holy Heart is a weapon fashion item and can be found for sale in the shop. Make sure you identify the Angel Holy Heart, and then click on the Advance button to enhance it to Outstanding

    Dragon Strike -> Dragon Raid (Available at level 120)
    Rain of Fire -> Bloody Meteor (Available at level 120)


    Both of these skills require a specific skills book. These skill books are only available from the Mystery Shop Event, which only comes around once in a while. If you can, try to grab these skill books even before you are level 120, this way you can evolve these two skills right away.


    I hope this helps you to get started with the new Evolved Skills. If you have any questions, or need more information, please leave a reply. Thank you!
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