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    Hello fellow Dragon Blood Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the Egg Crack event!

    All pictures in this guide have been put into spoilers, to make it more orderly and easier to read. Simply click the spoilers to show the pictures (click the spoiler again when you wish to hide them).

    Egg Crack Icon:
    The button used to access Egg Crack will be this icon. It will be located among your top icons. To open the Egg Crack window, simply click it.

    Once you have clicked the icon, the Egg Crack window will appear:
    Here you can chose between cracking Silver Dragon Eggs and Golden Dragon Eggs. Both of these eggs can be obtained by participating in Dungeon and Hall of Heroes. This is how both of the eggs will look:
    On top of these eggs, you will also need to use 80 000 gold to open each of the Silver Dragon Eggs, and for the Golden Dragon Eggs, you will need to spend 88 Balens for each one you open. However, for the Golden Dragon Eggs, there is a discount, that lets you open the first egg of the day for 20 Balens and the second egg of the day for 40 Balens, before the price changes to the usual one (88 Balens). Therefore I would recommend to crack at least 2 Golden Dragon Eggs, every day of the event, if you plan to open a few golden eggs anyways.

    The rewards you can obtain from Egg Crack, depends greatly on which egg you are cracking. The golden eggs will give bigger and better rewards than the silver eggs, but due to the silver eggs only needing gold to be opened, everyone can gain benefits from participating in this event!
    Expand the spoiler bellow to see a list of the rewards you can obtain, from each egg:
    1 x Gem Packs: Lvl 4-7
    1 x Rune Packs: Lvl 4-6
    2 x EPQ Enchantment Chest
    20 x Rune Soul Engraving Crystal
    20 x Soul Crystal Gems
    20 x Astro Enhancing Crystal
    15 x Wings Tailoring Feather
    15 x Pet Training Whistle
    15 x Holy Refining Stone
    1 x Gem Packs: Lvl 1-3
    1 x Rune Packs: Lvl 1-3
    1 x Rune Soul Engraving Crystal
    1 x Soul Crystal Gem
    5 x Dragon Blood (for your current level)
    10 x Ancient Shard (for your current level)
    10 x Crystalloid (for your current level)
    20 x Minerals (for you current level)