[Guide] Dragon Upgrade Day Event

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    Hello DB Players!! This Guide will show you and explain what you need to do in Dragon Upgrade Day Event.

    This event is available for servers that have been opened more than 30 days, and for Players that have reached at least level 45.
    This Event does not have a specific date. You need to watch the announcements for when it will be offered.

    You can enter Dragon Upgrade Day event from your main screen, by clicking the Icon when the Event is On.

    In this Event, you will receive vitality amounts by finishing Vitality Quests to collect the Rewards.


    Quests can be found in the right side of event window - Vitality Quests as you can see in the screenshot below .
    You can check the list of the available quests and by clicking GO it will move you to the quest. Each quest will ask you to complete different tasks and will give you different amount of Vitality.


    When you will finish enough quests your Vitality Progress will be fill up and when it is complete at 100% you can claim the reward. As you see in the screenshot below.


    Each reward level will show how much Vitality is needed, before you can claim it.


    There is also a bar that indicates your total amount of Vitality that you have gathered so far.


    Have Fun and Enjoy Playing DRAGON BLOOD