[Guide] Dragon Evolution Day Event

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    Hello Dragon Blood Player!! This Guide will explain the Dragon Evolution Day event.

    This Event does not have a specific date that it can occur. It can have different dates on the months it will be activated, so we can take part in it.You need to watch the announcements when it will be on.

    This event is available for the servers that were opened more than 30 days ago and for players that have reach at least level 45.

    When the Dragon Evolution Day event is open we can find it from our main screen by clicking the Icon as we see in this screenshot.

    This Event Includes 3 Tabs
    When you will enter the event you will see there 3 Tabs.
    1)Recharge 2)Exchange 3)Dragon Evolution
    Let's take a look at them one by one.

    1. Recharge

    When you recharge a specific amount of Balens during this event, you will be able to claim great rewards.
    1)You will receive a Mysterious Dragon Training Chest, that can be used to try your luck in Roulette.
    2)Wishing Token.You can make a wish in the Wishing Well.
    3)Element Coins. (See Exchange Tab below)

    Notice: One chest can be opened 4 times. If you have more than 1 chest, you can exchange it and reset your attempts that way.

    2. Exchange

    When you recharge you will get Element Coins.You can exchange them to get valuable rewards.


    2. Dragon Evolution

    On this tab you can claim Dragon Evolution Stone as a reward according to your lowest Dragon quality (Dragons that you have in Lair).
    Use the stones to get a time-limited EXP buff. You will see a special icon with a dragon. This buff is active for 24 hours.


    Have fun and Enjoy Playing DRAGON BLOOD