[Guide] Dragon Blood: Wild Loot

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    Wild Loot it's a bit same like invaders and S-time Chaos Monster Siege.
    There is a massive hp target that needs to be taken down!
    [​IMG] <- This is how the Wild Loot icon looks like.

    1 - When you first enter, you need to go hit the boss that is currently in the middle of the map and do damage to it, that will stack and give you a damage rank accordingly!


    2 - Atacking the boss, the best combo to do that is the one that is shown in the picture, combo being the following:
    - Slash
    - Bellow Dragon
    - Fire Ball(in case you din't get that 30 extra rage from Bellow Dragon, if you did receive it, then use Dragon Strike skill!)
    - Fire Ball
    - After that, the boss will make a massive amount of damage and you will have to come back and do damage to it again!

    3 - Boxes will drop when the boss dies, everyone will receive accordingly to their damage rank, the player versus player mode will be activated, if someone kills you he will steal your box! So be careful about running around or hiding!

    4 - After the long battle, a countdown will be shown, when the countdown is over all the players will be teleported to their rightful server.
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