[Guide] Dragon Blood: Treasure of the Gods

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    This event is available from level 75.

    There are two ways to take part in this event:
    1) Clear the Dungeons or challenge the Hall of Heroes and get Bronze Treasure Tracker as a reward. One opening costs 80 000 Gold.

    From one chest you can get:
    Level 1 Rune Pack
    Level 2 Rune Pack
    Level 3 Rune Pack
    Level 1 Gem Pack
    Level 2 Gem Pack
    Level 3 Gem Pack
    Pet Training Whistle +1, +2
    Holy Refinement Lock
    Wings Tailoring Feather +1, +2
    EQP Enchantment Stone
    Astro Enhancing Crystal
    Gem Soul Stone
    Rune Soul Engraving Crystal

    2) Buy Golden Treasure Tracker in the Shop for 80 balens (you can use Reward Balens as well as Recharge Balens). Click the icon in the event menu and start to search!

    From one chest you can get:
    Wings Grooming Feather
    Wings Tailoring Feather +15, +12
    Fashion Essence +6
    Pet Training Whistle +15, +12
    EQP Enchantment Stone +10
    Holy Weapon Enhancing Stone +5
    Level 6 Glyph
    Level 5 Glyph
    Level 4 Glyph
    Holy Sniper's Edge Pack
    Level 6 Rune Pack
    Level 5 Rune Pack
    Level 4 Rune Pack
    Level 7 Gem Pack
    Level 6 Gem Pack
    Level 5 Gem Pack
    Level 1 Magic Stone
    Level 2 Magic Stone
    Fashion Soul
    Level 8 Fire Rune
    Level 8 Air Rune