[Guide] Dragon Blood: Super Recharge

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    Super Recharge - Recharge Balens and get up to 180% in Reward Balens.

    This event is available on all servers to players level 30 and up!

    To participate simply click Super Recharge icon. Super Recharge Screen will appear after clicking icon.

    Super Recharge Screen

    Purchasing Packs
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Text Info:
    • Green - Minimum amount of Balens that player has to Recharge in order for pack to be purchased.
    • White - Extra Reward that will be claimable once pack is purchased.
    • Yellow - Cost of pack in Recharge Balens.
    • Red - Reminds player that yellow amount must be in Recharge Balens.
    • Aqua Blue - Amount of Reward Balens player can claim by purchasing pack.
    Bottom of Super Recharge Screen

    Before completing purchase player should ensure that the pack chosen is correct because only 1 pack can be purchased during the event. Player has approximately 72 hours to purchase a pack once event becomes available. Green text reflects countdown of time remaining, once countdown reaches zero player will no longer be able to purchase packs and participate in Super Recharge event.

    Extra Reward and Day 1 Balens can be claimed after purchase.
    Once a pack has been purchased player will no longer see the initial Super Recharge screen. Instead player will see pack specific screen when clicking Super Recharge icon.

    Pack Details:

    [​IMG] Click magnifying glass inside each pack to view reward details.
    Extra Reward in these images may defer based on player's level.

    Little Pack - 160% in Reward Balens + Extra Reward.


    Large Pack - 170% in Reward Balens + Extra Reward.

    Special Pack - 180% in Reward Balens + Extra Reward.

    Please feel free to reply to this post if errors or omissions were made and I will correct them. Thank you.