[Guide] Dragon Blood: Submitting a Support Ticket Using 101XP Portal

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    This guide is designed to help players who use the 101XP Portal* Platform to Submit a support ticket.
    *Players who use Facebook, can simply send in message using Facebook.

    All payment issues should be sent to support. Outside of payment issues if you have another question or need assistance please try searching our forum as the issue/question may have already been addressed in a previous thread or try contacting a Moderator.

    If you can't find the answer or help with your issue, you will need to send in a support ticket. This guide will provide step by step instructions to help you.

    Steps to Submitting a Support Ticket.
    1. Click "Support" link. Support link is located near the top left of navigation panel.[​IMG]
    2. Then Click "Submit the ticket" link. Link is located near the bottom right of search box.[​IMG]
    3. A "My ticket" interface box will appear in the center of your screen.
    Once "My ticket" interface appears simply fill out the required informations.
    • Platform - Using drop down arrow select Gaming Portal 101XP
    • Game - Select Dragon Blood
    • Category - You have 3 options here choose the option that most closely relates to the issue you are reporting. Depending on the issue your choose more fields will become available requiring information.
      • Gameplay questions and Ingame questions: will activate Nick, Server, Subject and Message fields to appear.
      • Payment Issues: will activate Nick, Server, Date of Payment, Amount of Payment, Subject and Message fields to appear.
    • Nick: Provide your characters nick name.
    • Server: Provide the server your character is on. Don't use merge server number use the server number you log into.
    • Date of Payment: If this support ticket is because of a payment issue, please provide the date payment was made.
    • Amount of Payment: If this support ticket is because of a payment issue. Provide payment amount not balen amount.
    • Subject: Use a short descriptive text that gives a preview of your issue. for example "Balens not received" "Missing Inventory Item"
    • Message: Using the message field try to be as precise and descriptive as you can be about the issue you are have or the question you have. The more info you can provide the easier it is for our support staff to assist you with your questions or issues.
    • Attach File: Screen shots go a long way to help staff members resolve your issues quickly and accurately. If possible provide screen shots that clearly show time and date.
    Once you have completed the ticket, review your information again and if satisfied simply click "Send". That all!

    Please feel free to reply to this post if errors or omissions were made and I will correct them. Thank you.

    * Players have reported experiencing trouble submitting tickets using Edge or Explorer Browsers. I recommend using Opera or Chrome Browsers if you also experience this issue.