[Guide] Dragon Blood: Space-Time Chaos (War Of The Gods)

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    Hello DB Players!! This Guide will show us how to enter and play War of the Gods for Players that will try it for the first time.

    War of the Gods is a Space-Time Chaos Event that is available everyday at 20:00-20:30 Servers Time.You can join War of the Gods every Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Sunday.

    To find the Event look on your screen for this icon

    This is our Event window that we will enter.There is also a small box Help that you can check..

    The Event start at 20:00 and you will have 5 minutes to make your registration if you want to participate.
    Registration will close at 20:05 so watch to not miss it,or you will not be able to Join.
    To be able to Join the Event,You need to be at least level 32 and be a member of a Guild.
    Event will start at 20:05 and will be end at 20:30.Event can also end sooner if there will remain only 1 Player.

    When you will Enter the Event you will have to wait the remaining time as you see in SS till the registration close 20:05..
    This Event is a Free for All PVP Fights..No Teams no Guilds,you are alone and you need to fight other Players and try to stay in Event as longer you can.Or be the Winner.

    Every Player have 10 reviving attempts.Ιf you lose all your 10 revives,you will be removed outside Event.
    Batteling Players will give you Personal points no matter lose or win to collect the rewards.You will given 50 points for win and 30 points for lose.But remember as longer you stay in Event,the more Points you have the better is the rewards.So try not to lose the battles.

    When the Event Beggins and You can make Battles the MOST IMPORTANT that you always have to watch is your timer Bomb as you see in SS.You will have 60 second to find a Player and make a battle.
    If you will not be able to battle someone in this time and the countdown runs out,you will lose 1 attempt.
    After every battle the timer countdown will start from beggining,so you will have again 60 second to find next oppenent.

    Playing the Event you will see announcements of Players that will make Killing Streaks(Killing streak starts at 5 kills) making killing streak as more you can gives you better Personal points,when you winning a fight.
    Also if you will kill someone that had a killing streak he will drop a blue ball(Players Soul) as you can see it the SS.Collecting this Soul will boost your stats up.So don't miss it if you are near one or have killed a Player with Killing Streak.

    When you are inside Event,at your right down corner you will see a window.

    This window will help you and show you.
    1.a) Your Personal Points.You Gather them when Batteling other Players.
    1.b)Guild Points.Those Points are gathered by total points of players from same Guild that are inside the Event.
    1.c)Reviving Attempts.It show's you how much revive you have,bofore you will removed from Event.
    1.d)Ramaining Player at Event.It show's you how much Players are still Batteling

    2)You will be able to see the top Players with the more Reviving attempts in Event,also it help's you to find them easier and faster by clicking on the "TRACK" button.

    3)You will be able to switch to (Killing Streak Rankings) to see Players with killing streaks and track them down,so you can try to kill them and collect extra points and Players Soul.

    4) The Reward List and the Personal Ranking.

    4.a) Reward List.Here you can check your rewards by personal Ranking,Personal points and Guild Points.As you can see on SS.

    4.b) Personal Ranking.Here you can see the Top 10 Players with the more Personal Points gathered and check if you are on of them..Also it show's you if the player is still in the Event or Out..
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