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    Good Day to All :) now I have make a simple guide on the Prison , first we can see the prisoner icon beside the goblin shop icon and constellation as you can see it on the screenshot provided.


    okay lets go to the functions of the Prison you have several attempts on capturing prisoners , interactions and rescue our guild members , capturing a prisoner gives you EXP, exp collection has a limit also as you can see at the screenshot


    prisoner have 4 icons The Capture Prisoner, Rescue Prisoner Interact and Collect Exp

    First is the CAPTURE PRISONER
    you have 10 attempts to capture
    you can capture the prisoner when there is only 10 lvl difference
    capturing a Freeman allows you to capture the player who you fight for
    capturing a Jailer allows you to capture one of the Jailers Prisoner
    capturing a Prisoner allows you to capture the prisoner yet you have to fight with the player who have it


    Next is the RESCUE Prisoner
    You can rescue guild members captured by other players
    you have 6 attempts to rescue prisoners
    you must fight back to the jailer to help and rescue your guild member
    Note you can only save prisoner that is 10 lvl below you


    next is Interact
    Interact gives you some exp wine for the other heroes
    there are two buttons any of them gives you a exp wines

    last is COLLECT EXP
    when you capture your prisoners it would work for you for a day (24 hrs) after that it would give you exp you needed though it has a maximum limit

    there are 3 buttons

    allows you to claim the exp earned by the prisoner
    collect advance
    allows you to advance the exp earned by your prisoner with the use of some balens
    collect all advance
    allows you to collect advance for all the prisoner you captured cost some balens also

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    I have a problem with Rescue Attempts, if the prisoner is more than 10 levels below me (but his jailer is probably closer to my level) I can't even try to rescue them. :(
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    It should also be noted that you have to have defeated a player in the arena for them to appear in your capture list.
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