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    Many things contribute to a successful guild but none are more important than a Guild Master who shows good judgement and leadership and is available to help ALL the guild members not just him or herself or the higher players . There may be many reasons for you starting a guild ..... A rivalry with another player on the server , no room in the other guilds , or even as the case was with me you chose a faction that there is NO guild for on the server currently . No matter what the reason though ..... you will have your hands full trying to balance running a guild and your own game play . This is where the first step comes in ..

    1. Choose a reliable Deputy Guild Master . This is the person who is going to be the go to when you are not online . This is who your backup is . This is the person who aside from you will be the most critical member of the guild . Try to make sure that you choose someone who ideally is on at times that overlap yours by some (so that you can talk through guild matters with them ) but also someone who is on at times you are not ( you probably are not going to be online 24/7/365 .) This way members of the guild always have someone they can come to with Guild Issues .
    Here is your membership Interface screen . You can get to this screen by going to Guild --> then Management which is at the right hand side of the screen . This will show you all players currently in the guild . You have slots for 1 Deputy Guild Master and 2 Senior Officers and several Elite Members . Ideally your Senior Officers should be higher level ACTIVE players . These will be people that are there to answer questions from new players . These are the people who are backing up you and the deputy .

    2. Management Interface
    This is your management interface . This is the screen that helps you manage your memberships in the guild . Remember to check your Application to Join frequently . This is where people who have applied to join your guild will show up . You can only approve online members . So if the person has gone offline you will not be able to approve them till they come back online and they may get frustrated and go to another guild . So remember to check often .

    3 . Clear the Deadwood out .
    Anyone who has run a Guild will tell you that there are people who for a variety of reasons will come in and play the game and then join a guild and then POOF ! Gone . The time frame for kicking someone from a guild for inactivity is personal preference . I have heard everything from 1 day to 4 days . I personally prefer a middle ground at 2 days . Remember that the people in your guild take up slots. You only gain slots as your Guild Levels up . In the beginning these spots are crucial to the success of your guild . I find it helpful to look at the Management interface and look at how much Guild contribution someone has . If they have little or no guild contribution for several days they are not helping the guild . The guild only gains resources through Contribution . These include the Mystery Journey , Guild Quests , etc . If someone is not producing any resources at all then they are simply taking up space . That is space you could use for an ACTIVE Player .

    4 . Speaking of Active .....
    Do not forget your most important resource in your Guild .... Advertising . Go to World Chat occasionally and say for instance " Our Guild <Guild Name Here> has X spots for ACTIVE players open at the moment . Usually this will generate applications . It also shows people you are actively managing your guild and caring about the status of the guild .

    5 . Guild Homepage

    This is your Guild Homepage . As you can see all the snapshot information about Guild Resources and such are on this page . It also shows you your guild level .... it has a link called Other Guilds which is where you can see how your guild stacks up against others .

    So the icons in the middle of the screen at the bottom .... These are your guild items that you can do daily . Starting with Blood Trial


    This is a series of Mini Bosses . It starts out easy and each fight gets progressively tougher . This is free gold , upgrade resources and of course Bragging Rights :)

    Guild Achievement Chests

    When your Guild Levels up this is where you can go and collect a chest . It costs Guild Contribution from your resources to collect but gives Gold , Bound Balens , and Mount Training Whips .


    Guild Daily Chests . Every day you can collect the appropriate Guild Daily Chests . The rewards include Gold and Experience Fruit

    Guild Battle button . This is where you can see the results of the most recently completed Guild Battle . This will show you who won the Battle and all the stats as well as showing whether you were the Defending Guild or Attacking Guild .


    Mystery Journey . This tab is the Mystery Journey . Each Day you get 10 free attempts . These will include either Questions from the Quiz , Boss Fights , or Fights against other players or if you are lucky you can receive chests that have rewards (gems , crafting stones , etc ) . If you have a fight against other players and you win you may get a Prisoner .


    If you click on the My Prisoners Tab you will be able to see all prisoners you have captured . These prisoners generate guild resources that you can claim . These will be added to the guild resources . VERY useful especially if you have 3 or 4 prisoners and generate 500 or so FREE resources in a single day for your guild . Encourage players to do this . Even just getting a chest or answering a question correctly will give you some resources for the guild !!


    Guild Quests . Another very important Resource maker for your guild . These are quick easy 1 or 2 fight quests that you can do to generate both gold , and guild resources . You can upgrade other peoples guild quests to make them more valuable and they can upgrade yours as well .


    Guild Monster . After build your Guild Shop and after Upgrading your Guild Monster Altar ( Explained Later) in this guide ..... you can summon the Guild Monster . When the Guild Monster is summoned every player that fights it gets 3 rounds to try and defeat it . When It is defeated it will drop rewards per the level of the Monster . These are gems and such . Players in the guild can use their personal contribution they have accumulated to buy these gems . They are on a first come first serve basis until they are gone . Players who fight the monster and do not defeat it will be ranked according to the damage they dealt to it . The player will receive rewards at the end of the day according to their Guild Ranking .


    Guild Skills . Once the Guild Magic Tower has been opened you can research (explained later ) Guild Skills . Guild skills that have been successfully researched will appear in the left hand side of this tab . The right hand side is where you see the skills that you have added to your list . These will show as Active or Not Active . It will cost you contribution to make a Guild Skill Active . It is highly recommended to ALWAYS keep your skills active . This will add to Block , Crit , PDEF , MDEF , PATK , MATK and Anti Crit for your team . These will be valuable for you in the long run in ALL fights .


    Guild Shop . The elusive Guild Shop . On the left side of this tab is where all items you have activated in the Guild Shop will show up . On the Right side is where it says Defeat Rewards under special items . This is where gems and such from defeating the Guild Monster will show up . You can then Buy them with Contribution here .


    Building Tab . Guild Magic Tower . Here is where you can research Guild Skills. it will cost resources every hour to research skills . Once a Skill is done being researched it will appear in the Guild Skills Tab on the homepage where members can purchase it . To research a skill you click on the skill . If it is a lvl 1 skill it will take 2 hours . Lvl 2 .... 3 hours ... and so forth . You may research skills up to the lvl of your Tower . It gets progressively more expensive to upgrade as you go . Keep in mind the lvl of your tower is limited by the lvl of your guild as well .


    Guild Monster Altar . Here is where you actually get ready to summon a Guild Monster . You summon on the main homepage however you must groom and lvl the monster here . Only a fully grown Monster may be summoned . On the left side you will see rewards for defeating a monster of the current level and on the right you will see rewards for next lvl . KEEP in mind you MUST have Guild Shop open BEFORE summoning a guild monster .

    And finally that brings us to ......



    Here is where you can open and or lvl up your Guild Shop . Once you open or lvl up your shop buttons will light up in green next to the items that you can activate . These items are varied and many and available according to the lvl of the shop . It costs Resources both to open or lvl up your shop and ALSO to activate Items .

    Final Thoughts .

    Each Guild will want different things . A good idea for a happy guild experience and playing experience is to explain to your guild in Guild Chat from the Chat interface what the options for upgrades are .... and take a vote . Failing that at least discuss with your Deputy and Senior Officers . Some guilds want Guild Monster first .... especially if there are heavy cashing players .... Some guilds would rather have Guild skills first ....
    Communication will help keep everyone happy . And most of all help your keep your sanity and help your guild stay strong with Active people fighting on behalf of the guild . :)
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