[Guide] Dragon Blood: Golden Treaure

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    Golden Treasure is a unique event that allows players to collect gold from a Dungeon after a certain amount of wishes have been made in the Wishing Well (intervals of 100).

    Golden Treasure icon will appear when Golden Dungeon is available.

    After clicking icon player will have 3 options to choose from.

    1. Normal: For players below VIP 7: Must enter dungeon to complete 2 part Gold Collection and Gold Catch event.
    2. 100%: For players VIP7 and above. Blitz Dungeon Free to get 100% Gold Collection and 100% Gold Catch Reward.
    3. 200%: For players VIP 7 and above. Blitz Dungeon using 5 Balens to get 100% Gold Collection and 200% Gold Catch Reward.
    Of the 3 options only option 1 Normal will require player to enter dungeon.

    Dungeon has 2 parts Gold Collection and Gold Catch.

    Gold Collection. Floor 1
    First part player enters dungeon to collect gold coins inside a maze like path. To collect gold players simply needs to click the gold coins inside the maze. The maze also has a Golden Guardian that will trigger a battle with player if encountered.

    Stronger players have no issue defeating this Guardian but players that are unable to defeat this Guardian will be sent back to the entrance of the maze after being defeated. If you are unable to defeat the Guardian the best thing to do is avoid him. Watch as he moves around the maze and time your movements in order to avoid contact with him.

    Gold Collection, Floor 2
    Part 1 has 2 floors once player has collected the Large Coin from 2nd floor Part 2 of Golden Treasure will be unlocked.

    Gold Catch

    In part 2 of Golden Treasure player will have 30 seconds to use arrow keys. Left, Right, Up and Down to catch or avoid 4 types of items that will be raining down on their character.
    • 1. Gold – Increases gold amount.
    • 2. Magnet – Collects all visible Gold.
    • 3. Clock – Increases Gold Catch game time.
    • 4. Bomb – Game Over.
    If a player touches a bomb or runs out of time the Gold Catch event will end. At the end of Gold Catch event player has the option to claim what has been collected or can use 5 Balens to double their reward.


    Thank you for reading this short guide. Please reply with questions or if errors/omissions are found and I will edit as necessary.