[Guide] Dragon Blood: For New Players

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    This guide will help some New Players to get there BR and Level up

    1. Start on a Newer Server and be active daily


    2. claim your free rewards


    3. Get Exp with quests and Crypt


    4. Formation

    Try to go for a Support, Attack, Tank hero in your Formation
    Put The Tank on Position 1


    5. Heroes
    Have two Heroes of the same kind, you will need 1 spare for orange upgrade


    You can get Heroes at recruit


    Or in divine Altar


    6. Equip


    Every Hero has its own Equipment. So get them all something to dress.
    Also Every Hero can have Astros, Scared Weapons, Holy Weapons, and so on.


    Enchant every gear to the max level.


    7. Gems
    Put Gems on every Hero not just one

    Your Main Hero and Tank Are PATK Heroes. It doesn't matter if you choose Mage or Warrior. Both are PATK.


    So MATK don't help on those two

    Your Attack and Support Hero are MATK Heroes


    So PATK does not help

    8. Devotion

    Try to do it every day


    9. Alchemy

    Look at the chat and Help other with their Alchemy it will give u Gold


    Even if you have no help attempts left (20 per day) you can help them.

    10. Arena

    Fight some other Player in the Arena


    11. Prison

    Try to take some Prisoners and Interact with them
    It will give you Exp and some Hero Exp


    12. Tour shop

    Go to Tour shop for some good offers


    13. Dungeon

    Fight in the Dungeons to get Equip, Minerals, Gold and Hero upgrade consumables


    14. Treasure Hunt

    Hunt for Treasures as Mount Training Whips and Bound Balens


    15. Mount

    Train and Level up your Mount


    16. Team Tower

    Just ask a higher Player if they have time to help you. Most of them will be friendly and help.


    17. Tank hero comes first.

    I recommend giving the highest Equipment to the tank first, then yourself, and after that attacker and support. Same with upgrades; First Tank to highest then everyone else. Also my highest defensive Gems and Runes are on my Tank.


    18. Events

    Try to participate in a lot of events. The rewards will be helpful even if your not Number 1


    19. Spend Money

    If you want to spend real Money on the game, claim your recharge packs.



    Also don't forget your VIP packs


    20. Keep your Eyes open

    Look at the Announcement


    Look into the Forum


    Read The other Guides for more detailed information