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    In Dragon Blood exists three types of currency. You can obtain each currency type by different methods and use in different functionals.


    How I can get gold?
    • Use Alchemy;
      Join in daily events;
    • Join in Treasure Hunt;
    • Kill enemies and win in Hero Trial;
    • Fight in MP Dungeon;
    • Kill players in Arena;
    • Join in Hot Events;
    • You can get gold in guild functional: kill guild boss, open treasures, open chests, open daily chests, kill mythic animal, in guild shop, in guild dungeon;
    • Join in S-time Chaos;
    • Join in Invaders;
    • Join in Guild battle;
    • Join in Dragon Orb;
    • Join in Couple Dungeon;
    • Fight in Team Tower;
    • Check Daily Bonus;
    • Play in Gem2048;
    • Fight in Hall of Heroes;
    • Fight in Constellations;
    • Upgrade your VIP level;
    • Sell items from inventory;
    • Send flowers in ratings.
    Tip: If you guild win in Guild Battle, all members receive 20% bonus to gold from Alchemy and MP Dungeons. Buff increase, if you guild win systematic.

    How I can get bound balens?
    • Join in Treasure Hunt: touch roulette and kill enemies;
    • Join in Hot Events;
    • Buy chests in Goblin’s shop;
    • Complete quests from Devotion;
    • Buy bound balens in Daily Sale;
    • Win in Team Tower in-first;
    • Receive VIP status;
    • Check Daily Bonus;
    • Play in Dragon Orb.
    How I can get reward balens?
    • Join in Hot Events;
    • Touch Wheel of Fortune;
    • Buy in Daily Sale;
    • Open gift VIP packs.
    Have the nice game!