[Guide] Dragon Blood: Crystal Scorpion Mount

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    [​IMG] When you first start the game, the game offers an excellent Super Chest filled with 3,995 balens worth of items. You can acquire this Super Chest by clicking on the Recharge button inside of the offer only, and recharging any amount, even $2 will earn you this great package.

    One of these items is the Crystal Scorpion Mount. This is a very popular mount!

    Once you receive this Super Chest, it is very important that you pay close attention to the information given about the Crystal Scorpion Mount. As it states here, the Crystal Scorpion will only become a permanent mount if you log in for the next 7 days consecutively. If you miss even a single day, the Crystal Scorpion Mount will expire 7 days after you obtained the package (a total of 8 days).

    If you miss a day, you will receive a notice that states your Scorpion Mount has expired and you are given the chance to buy it for 199 balens.

    Once you have received the Crystal Scorpion Mount, you will need to activate it so that you are riding him. You must have reached level 9, and opened the Mount ability. You will find the Crystal Scorpion Mount in your Inventory. Click on it and select Use. Now, you will need to click on your Mount button in the lower right of your screen to open the Mount Interface.

    Click on the Mount Preview button. The full list of all available mounts will open up.

    You will need to scroll on the right side to page 4. Find the Crystal Scorpion Mount and click on that. This will bring up the full image preview of the Crystal Scorpion Mount in the left window. You will then click on the Change button and you are now riding your new Crystal Scorpion Mount!

    Looking good!