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    As the topic suggests this is a beginners guide to Astrals on your Character . Astrals can make or break your BR and in fight they become Critically important to your Heroes chance of winning . So then you might be asking "Ok then how do I get those shiny Orange and Red Astrals ?" Lets start by looking at the different types of Astrals and what they do to help your character .

    Astrals Types .

    You have several different types of Astrals available in game play . The Higher the Color the More potent the Astral . The Various types in order from Lowest to highest are as follows ....

    1. Green . These are the basic astrals .
    2. Blue These are the second level . Slightly better than green
    3 . Purple These astrals are where the power really starts to kick up a notch
    4. Orange This is where the Astrals start to make a big difference for you . Always strive to get the Yellow when you can
    5. Red These are top of the heap . These astrals are the big boys that up your BR by leaps and bounds .

    Ok .... so Now that you have an idea of the Types .... lets go into Specific Astrals .... such as HP , Pierce , etc
    1. HP Pretty self explanatory on this one . These will up your heroes HP level

    2. Force The Force astral is one of the most important for all physical attack Heroes . This includes the Knight , and most of the Tank heroes such as Thor , Lord of War , etc .

    3. Fortitude The Fortitude astral is important for all heroes . It helps with your PDEF stat allowing
    you to resist physical damage .

    4. Willpower The Willpower Astral is again important for all heroes . It helps with your MDEF stat allowing you to resist Magical damage

    5. Mysticality The Mysticality Astral is important for you Magical Attack Based Heroes . This allows you to add to your MATK rating . This will not help a PATK hero however .

    6. Enshieldment The Enshieldment astral helps with the Block Stat . This allows a greater chance to block an incoming strike thus reducing the damage that it causes .

    7. Pierce The Pierce astral is the counterpart to enshieldment . It allows you to add to the break block stat . This allows greater chance that you will break through an opponents block thus dealing more damage .

    8. Sniper's Edge This astral adds to your Crit stat . This allows a greater chance of an attack becoming a Critical Strike thus dealing more damage to your enemy.

    9. [​IMG]
    Guardian Angel The Guardian angel astral is the counterpart to sniper's edge . It adds to your Anti - Crit stat . This allows a greater chance to reduce an incoming attack from becoming a critical strike .

    [​IMG] The Astro button on the main screen at the bottom is how you will get to your Astral Screen to work with your Astrals .


    The astral screen above is the heart of working with your Astrals . At the bottom are several pictures . Clicking on a Picture costs the amount of gold listed below the picture itself . Each time you click on a picture there are two outcomes for Astrals and two outcomes for advancement . First off the options for advancement . You will either move one space to the right or go back to the first picture . The outcomes for Astrals are you can receive a Misfortune Astral or you can receive a regular Astral . Misfortune Astrals are not for use on the heroes you simply sell them . They are worth 10K gold each . The regular Astrals are for putting on your Heroes .

    The Capture All button in the Screen Shot above Will capture all Astrals until one of two things happen .
    # 1 you run out of gold
    #2 you fill all bubbles on the screen .

    This is where the next two buttons come into play . You can use the Sell All button and it will sell only the Misfortune Astrals that you have . Do not be afraid to use it .
    The Synthesize All button will Combine all Astrals in the bubbles that are not Misfortune into the Astral of the Highest Quality . For Instance if you have a Purple Astral and the rest are blue or green it will combine all astrals into the purple one raising its level .
    *NOTE* Synthesize All will not combine Astrals into an Orange Astral . You will have to do that Manually by clicking on the astral you do not want and then clicking on the Orange Astral .

    The next button in this section is the Advanced Capture button . You may use Balens to click on this button and Capture an Astral . It will be at least Purple Quality and it has the chance to be an Orange quality . If you have Astro Tokens in your bag these will be consumed first when you use the Advanced Capture button . PLEASE NOTE : You MUST be VIP lvl 3 or higher to use the Advanced Capture.

    The Astral Button below this is where you interface with your Heroes individual Astral Screens . This will allow you to place Astrals into the open slots on your Hero and add to their stats and thus add to your BR .

    On the Left side of the screen you have another set of buttons .


    Starting with the lock button . This one is fairly simple . If you click on this button and then click on an Astral you will Lock it . This means you can do nothing with this Astral until you unlock it . This prevents accidentally messing up and folding an Astral you are saving into something else . The Next button is The Recycle Button . This allows you to take an astral you do not want and turn it into points . These points are used in the Astral Shop .

    This is where the Exchange button comes in . You can use the exchange button to get into the Astral Shop .


    The exchange shop allows you to take astral points and turn them into either purple or Orange Astrals . This allows you to eventually upgrade your astrals completely .

    Astrals of Green , Blue , and Purple quality are available from Chests or from the Astral Screen . Occasionally you will get lucky and get an Orange Quality from the Astral screen . The exchange shop offers Purple and Orange . There is another way to get Orange Astrals . You can get one of Each Astral of Orange Quality from the Goblin Shop .


    After Looting the Goblins .... at times you will receive Soul Shards . These Shards can be exchanged in the Goblin Shop for Astrals or for Armor or For Bound Balens .

    The only way to get Red Astrals which are the top quality is from becoming a VIP Level 7 , 9 or 10 .
    The only other way to get Red Astrals is from Events .

    Combining astrals into other astrals and Always striving for the best Quality in Color will help you raise your Stats and your BR .
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