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    Alchemy open at lvl. 30.
    It’s purpose — gold obtaining.
    At low levels gold not so important, but at high levels you open many options that required gold.
    For example, you need gold for upgrade mercenaries or enchant equipment.

    For use alchemy touch button practice alchemy.
    First gold obtaining cost 2 balens or bound balens.
    Each successive attempt requires two balens or bound balens larger than the previous one.

    Amount of gold at the bottom in alchemy’s window — the maximum gold’s amount that you can receive.
    If you have assistants (you can invite other players for calling in chat), you receive maximum gold’s amount. If no, you receive half amount.
    Tips: VIP5 and higher can do Alchemy without asking World/Guild for help, and you will still recive the maximum amount of Gold from it.


    When you recruit assistants, touch button Adv. Practice.
    For that your must have four assistants.
    You can send one invite in 30 seconds.
    The higher the character level, the more gold you can get.
    The number of available alchemy attempts depends on the VIP level.



    -Also, you can help to other players in alchemy.
    -For help you receive gold.
    -Number of gold depends on your level.
    -If you want to help, click to invite in chat.
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