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    Hello fellow Dragon Blood Players!
    This guide will be explaining about the Divine World!
    Players that are level 90 or higher, can enter the Divine World between 10:00-22:00 Server time!

    All pictures in this guide have been put into spoilers, to make it more orderly and easier to read. Simply click the spoilers to show the pictures.
    (click the spoiler again when you wish to hide them).

    Divine World Icon:
    The button used to access Divine World window will be this icon. It will be located among your top icons.
    To open the window, simply click it.

    Once you click the icon, the Divine World window will appear:
    This window will have a help button, explaining about the divine word. You will also have the option to buy cross-server coins, as they can be used in the Divine World. Other than that, there is of course the button that sends you to the Divine Word! This is what the window and the help button looks like:

    Inside the Divine World:
    Once you enter the Divine World, you will be transferred to a cross-server area, where you can create or join parties. When you are in the Divine World, your normal icons will disappear, and 2 new ones will appear on the top! These are the Lost Realm (Hide-and-seek) and the Divine Exchange (Shop).
    This is what the icons look like:

    Lost Realm (Hide-and-seek):
    If you click the Lost Realm button, a panel will pop up, where you can either create your own party, or join other players. Here you will be playing Hide and seek. Once you gather 5 players, you can the start the game. There is also a help button on this panel, that you should read through before starting the game. This is what it says:

    Once you start the game, you are transferred to the lost realm:
    In the lost realm you are separated from other players, not in your party. There will be 3 different objects that the hiders can transform into, scattered throughout the map. This is how the full map looks:

    There will also be a help button explaining the rules of the game:

    Playing Hide-and-seek:
    Once the game starts, 1 player will be assigned the role of seeker, while the rest will be hiding (who seeks, will switch every round). Just like one normally plays hide-and-seek, the hiders will get some time to hide before the seeker starts looking them, and once a hider has been captured, they can not hide anymore that round. When you play hide-and-seek you will have 3 abilities, which changes depending on if you're the hider or the seeker:

    Hider: For the hider, your 3 abilities will be to transform into three different objects. These objects will be on various places, so you simply go into them and press the correct button to transform into them. You can also can also go to a place where it looks like any of the objects would normally be put, and then transform.
    Seeker: As a seeker, your 3 abilities will be a little different. You will have one ability to increase your movement speed, thus allowing you to catch up to hiders that are trying to run away. Your next ability is to scan/search the area for hiders (there will be several objects around the map, so scanning will be faster than checking every single one). When you search the area, an exclamation mark will light up above your character's head, if there is anyone hiding nearby. Your third and last ability is to capture the hider. This ability can also be performed by clicking the objects that could possibly be a player who is hiding.


    When a round finishes:
    Once a round is finished, you will be able to draw a card (or more if you use cross-server coins). These cards can contain various items, but the main reward is Adventurer Points:

    Divine Exchange:
    When you play hide-and-seek as well as when you draw cards, you are rewarded with Adventurer Points. These points can be used in the Divine Exchange, to obtain various items, including an Adventurer Chest, which can contain Double Stat Red Astrals, purple Leo and Libra talent cards and Earth Green Dragon Fossils!
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