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    Demon Seal Pattern - Team up Seal

    After clicking the above button in your upper menu, click on "Team up Seal"

    You will be teleported to an area similar to CST.

    clicking on the above button in the upper right of your screen will open the following window

    You can join an existing team, listed on your right, or you can create one on your own and invite players, from the list on the right clicking "Invite" or thru a message that appears in World chat after clicking "World invitation".

    When teaming up, it is better to create a team of players with similar BP or a well balanced one, i.e.: 3M 5M 7M.

    To finally enter the fighting scenario, click on the Teleporter:

    The team's goal is to kill all 9 bosses and each player has to kill three so it is important you cohoordinate team's efforts thru the Team Chat:

    It is suggested that the lowest BP player kills two Easy bosses and Normal one, Fallen Angel, Lucifer's Mirror Image and Demon Patrol, the highest BP player kills the three more difficult Hard bosses, Soul Taker Emissary, Sinister Spirit and Demon Priest.

    You find the list of the 9 bosses on your right, listed from the easiest to the hardest

    On your left you find the panel "My Dungeon"

    "My killing times" tells you how many bosses you killed out of the three you need to;
    "Demon not sealed" tells you how many bosses your team has killed out of the nine it needs to;
    "Demon challange reward" tells you how many individual rewards you have gained out of the daily 5 you can collect.

    Once all 9 bosses are killed the team is authomatically teleported to the start and you are given the Team Reward. You will find the reward in your mail once you will be back to your server.
    Even if you succeeded in your three kills, it's better not to leave before the end, this way you will be able to know if your team is successful or not.
    If your team isn't able to kill all the bosses, the three players have to quit, you have to team up again and go back since the start, i.e.: you start with 0/3 kills and the team with 0/9.
    You can try as many times you wish to but you can collect only one Team Reward per day.

    Even if you are unsuccessful at the start, don't give up even if it might take a while to find the team that fits with your BP and your build.
    Needless to say, if you can't kill your three bosses do not quit your team without telling anything to your teammates, this is a matter of fair play and respect to other players.
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    Demon Seal Patern - Single Seal

    On this part of the even, you can Seal different demons on your server without getting any help from other players.


    All you have to do is to go on Morse Mountain, find demons that are not sealed and click on them to fight.


    You can fight up to 15 demons on everyday of the event.
    Each Victory will give you rewards such as:
    - 1 x Purification Power (those can be obtain as well on Team Seal);
    - 2 x Pet Fostering Stones;
    - 200k Gold.

    After you done all your attempts for the day go to Demon Seal Patern by clicking on the event icon and start to purify the area on Single Seal.


    Each square guarantee great rewards like ambers boxes, Purification power, talent card ancient fragments, seal exchange coins and much more.
    Now as well we have those demons who will stay in our way, so we have to click multiple times(5times) to remove them from our way and recive an reward from it.
    Your out of HP? No worries, you can get 10 HP for 20 saphires by cliking on the ''plus'' sign next to HP.
    After you purify all the area just click on ''End Seal'' and you will recive more rewards on your mail.
    You can click on ''End Seal'' even if you didn't purify it all but the rewards from mail will be lower as well.
    You can repeat it as much as you like this steps if you have enough Purification Power.
    Purification Power can be buy it for 10rubies.


    Feel free to visit Seal Store after you done with Single and Team up Seal Quests so you can exchange your Seal Coins for great items.
    Each exchange of an item, the price will go up.
    Example: Lv.1 Glory Stone Gift Box - first exchange will cost 1 Seal Exchange Coin, next will be 2 Coins then 3 and so on.


    This section (Single Play and Team Play) will be open for all players after they reach level 60.

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