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    Demon Coming
    This circle event will be unlock it once you become level 110.


    dc1.png dc4.png

    This event is a circle event and it lasts for 28 days each round:
    -7 days for challenging leader board stages;
    -and the last 21 days for work shipping the top 3 players.

    Each player have
    5 free daily attempts.
    If you like to clear more stages on a day, you can easily choose to buy extra attempts from Remaining Attempt for Challenge by clicking on that blue +
    Each extra attempt costs 10 rubies.

    As can be seen on my above spoiler, first image will show 3 different demons on an chapter.
    To deal with a demon you need click on it and will pop up the second image from my spoiler.
    Each demon stage can be cleared by going through 3 stages and 1 Boss.
    After you clear all stages of demons, you can move to next one.
    Deal with all 3 demons from a chapter and you can use the arrows (>>) to move to next.

    Each stage you clear, is a guarantee of amazing rewards like Stones for fostering, enchantment and refining stone, Fairy Fostering Stones and much more.
    According to your BP, you can choose an Easy way or a Hard one.
    Once you choose the Easy way, you can't go to the Hard stages but you can cross between stages.
    1) Stage 1 -> Stage 2 (Easy) -> Stage 3 (Easy) -> BOSS (Easy);
    2) Stage 1 -> Stage 2 (Hard) -> Stage 3 (Hard) -> BOSS (Hard);
    3) Stage 1 -> Stage 2 (Hard) -> Stage 3 (Easy) -> BOSS (Easy);
    4) Stage 1 -> Stage 2 (Hard) -> Stage 3 (Hard) -> BOSS (Easy)

    You can get an extra buff from
    BP Inspiration by using sapphires (30 for each BP Inspiration level).

    Get more rewards from opening chests according to players that cleared all stages on your server.
    Also there is an chest for your personal stage cleared to collect.

    That's not all for the rewards.
    According to Ranking, players can receive more rewards by end on rank Top 20 and by give a Like to 5 players.

    Points Leader-board:
    -are by Battle Power (BP) and the total points reached after cleared an certain number of floors (Max 480 points);
    -if a player of 3Mil clear all, but there is an 5Mil who also clear all stages, the 5 mil will be front to 3Mil.

    Likes Raking:
    -is set on the second day of the Event by the top 20 players that cleared the most floors and with the best BP;
    -the rank is updating everyday according to the players that receive likes and the amount of points and BP of each player.

    All rank rewards will be sent in the end of the event.

    Demon points are obtained from clearing stages and can be used to exchange great items on Medal Shop.
    Use points and rubies or only medals for an exchange.

    Hope this was helpful!
    Enjoy gaming!
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