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    Daily Events

    This guide will be explaining about the Daily Events!
    Different events unlock at different levels, and will be stated in their corresponding section.

    Daily Events window:

    Once you click the icon, the Daily Events window will appear, and you will be able to select the event which you would like to enter.
    You can also see a rewards preview along with the times for each event.
    Each event show the time would be hold by server time.
    Each time an event is about to start, the icon will keep flashing.

    Note: if you hold your mouse over the little question mark: located at the right side of each event, you can see a brief explaination of the event.

    Daily Quiz:
    Daily Quiz unlocks for all players, once they reach level 30 and is available every day for two times from 6:59 to 7:15 and again from 18:59 to 19:15.

    How it works:

    When entering quiz, you will be answering questions.
    By standing on the left(A) or the right(B) side, you will chose between option A and B.
    When the timer runs out, a green check mark will appear on your screen, if your answer was correct.
    If your answer was wrong, you will get a red cross instead.
    The intervals between questions and time to decide on your answer is 30 sec, for servers with an average level bellow 80. For servers with an average level above 80, the time you have to answer will be 15 sec.


    skill10.png Click and transfer a player to the other side of your current area with an mysterious power.
    skill3.png Select 5 players randomly and use a mysterious power to transfer them to the other side of your area.

    Reward and Ranking:
    For every correct answer you get in the quiz, you will get some rewards, including gold and exp potions.
    You will also be ranked by your number of correct answers.
    If you rank high, you will get some extra reward in mail, once the quiz finishes.
    These rewards include gem gift boxes among other things.

    *Players with Silver Card can use the AFK option to get the answers and won't be affected by Quiz Skills.
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    Dragon Invasion:
    Dragon Invasion unlocks for all players, once they reach level 30.
    For new servers, the event itself will also be unlocked when the average level of the top 20 highest players, reaches 30.
    This event is an PvE(Player versus Monster) area.

    Entering Dragon Invasion:

    Every day from 3:59 to 4:30 and 20:59 to 21:30, the Dragon Invasion event will be open.
    The first minute is just a countdown, where players have time to enter, and prepare for the battles to come.
    After the countdown, several waves of dragon bosses along with other monsters will come.

    How it works:

    Once the countdown is over, a maximum of 20 waves of dragon bosses along with other monsters, will be spawning for the next 30 minutes.
    If in event are many players the spawning will last less then 30minutes.
    Players who fight these bosses will gain gold and experience depending on their damage(DMG) dealt, and the top ranking players will also gain some extra rewards.
    First waves of monsters will have low HP, wile time pass the HP will grow and monsters will be harder to get killed.
    If you enter in a fight and for an certain times you get streight ''Defead'', means the monster been killed by other player and you won't deal no damage.

    The battles can be fought with both, afk mode and manually.
    If you're aiming for a top ranking spot or just want to get as much rewards as possible, you would want to fight manually.
    However if you are busy or having lag, you could fight these battles completely Afk as well.

    Another thing to keep in mind, if you want to maximize your rewards and ranking, is the inspiration option, on the top left side of your screen.
    This will allow you to increase your damage, by up to 100% in exchange of Sapphires.
    To use it, you simply click it, and you will get a question asking if you'd like to spend sapphires to activate it.
    Each time you click it, you will get 20% bonus damage, until you reach 100% which is the maximum.

    On the right side of your screen, you can see the damage ranking, along with your own record.
    The Top 3 players in the damage ranking (along with their guilds name), will also be announced in the chat, every 5 minutes.
    When the event ends, all guild members of the Top 3 ranked players, will receive some rewards.

    Lucky Wheel:
    After the event is over, every participant will be qualified for at least 1 spin on the Lucky Wheel.
    Depending on your personal ranking, you can be eligible to spin the wheel several times, and the highest ranking players will receive enough spins to obtain all its rewards.
    The Lucky Wheel rewards gold for each spin.
    There is a basic reward amount for each spin, and this is multiplied by the number you land on, when spinning the wheel.

    Guild Battle:
    Guild Battle unlocks for all players, once they reach level 30.
    However to participate there are certain requirements.

    Participation requirements:
    Every day at 12:59 to 13:20, the members of the Top 8 guilds in the guild leader board (on the server), will automatically get qualified to participate. The system will send all the qualified players a notification about this activity.

    How it works:
    After the guild battle starts, on the day of server opening or merging, the highest ranking guild will be the Defender, and the guilds with the 2nd to 8th rank will be Attackers.
    From the second day on, the defenders who have successfully protected the city, in the previous battle, will still defend.
    The guilds on server with a rank between 1 and 8 will then be the attackers.

    Defenders goal - The defenders goal is to have at least 1 statue remaining, when the event ends.
    Attackers goal - The attackers goal is to bring down all the statues.

    When defenders and attackers enter the event, they can get a BUFF bonus during the fights.
    A player can activate stronger buffs for the guild, depending on how high the players BP is.
    If the defenders have defended the city for 2 days or more, the attackers will receive and extra buff, called Siege Buff.

    The battles:
    The battles are Players Versus Player(PvP) and the fights are automatic.
    You can choose to skip watching the battles, in order to attack others faster.
    After a battle, your remaining HP will be saved (but someone else may have attacked you as well, causing you to lose more HP).
    During the battles, you will accumulate points that will allow you to obtain rewards, as well as determine which of the attacking guilds will be defending (if the attackers succeed in bringing down the statues).

    Outside and inside the city, there are statues.
    The defenders will have to protect these statues, and the attackers will try to attack them.
    When a player clicks the statue, they will get the option to challenge other players.
    Their information will be displayed and you can click on the “battle” button to challenge the them.
    If there are no other players to challenge, the defenders will simply have to wait for attackers to come.
    However, if there is no one guarding the statue, the attackers can attack it, to bring its HP down.
    Bringing down the statues:
    When the HP of the outer statue reaches 0, the outer city will break down.
    All the participants will then be brought back to the inner city, where a 60 sec countdown will start.
    At the end of the countdown, players can battle once again, to attack/defend the inner city.
    If the inner city also breaks down, then the defenders have lost.
    If there is still time left after the battle, attackers can challenge the Twilight Guardian, to get extra points.
    Among the guilds who won, the guild with the highest score will become city ambassadors, and among those, the one with the highest ranking will get the title "Twilight Lord".

    The players who win the battle, according to their guild points will get a guild reward.
    Every guild who participated is entitled to receive a reward, at least the participation guild reward.
    According to the attackers or defenders ranking, the first 5 in the defender or attacker ranking list will get a reward, this reward will be received in the Guild battle page.
    The winning Guild members will receive the title "Twilight Vigilante" and the player with the highest rank will receive the "Twilight Lord" title .
    Attackers who are in top 10 and defenders in the top 5 positions of the ranking list, will be rewarded with gold and sapphires, and can get a buff reward for their guild, that boosts exp gained in EXP Dungeon.
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    Kings Glory:
    Glory of Kings unlocks for all players, once they reach level 30.
    For new servers, the event will be unlocked when the average level of the top 20 highest players, reaches 45.

    Entering Glory of Kings:
    From 4:54 to 5:30 and from 19:59 to 20:35, the players with qualifications will be able to enter the battle.
    You can enter by clicking join, on the "Glory of Kings" in the daily events window.

    How it works:
    In Glory of Kings, players fight both PvP(Player Versus Player) and PVE(Player Versus Monster) battles, which will give them points.
    At the end of the event, a reward will be sent to every participants mail.
    The reward will differ according to the amount of points a player have gained.

    After the players enter the event, they are divided into two different teams: Burning Sun and Dark Moon. Which team they are put in, will be decided according to their position on the server wide BP(Battle Power) ranking.

    First half:
    During the first half of the event you participate in PVP battles, where you have to kill enemies from the opposing team.
    The battles are fought automatically, and you can decide to skip battle, to start new ones faster.
    Players with different BP will give different rewards, when you defeat them.
    If you defeat multiple players without being defeated, you can get killing streaks, which awards you with extra points for each victory.
    The higher your streak is, the more more points your awarded.
    If you have consecutive kills, you will also be put on the assassination list, where everyone can see you.

    Second half:
    During the last half of the event, there will be PVE battles.
    You can challenge up to 7 bosses, which will give you a specific amount of points.
    By giving a “Like” to a player in the Knight Leaderboard, you can increase their ATK(Attack) bonus.
    The first player to kill a boss, will give his team a buff, that greatly increases the power of everyone attacking the boss.
    I recommend giving your Likes to the top player, because he/she can defeat the most bosses, and thus will give you the buff for more bosses too.

    Bonfire Party:

    Bonfire parties starts from 13:29 to 13:45 every day, and lasts for 15 minutes.
    Here you can gain gold, exp and some other cool rewards by participating.

    Once you enter the bonfire party, you will start to receive EXP, at certain intervals.
    The amount you gain, will depend on the level of the bonfire itself.
    The level of the bonfire is increased when players kindles it enough.
    The bonfire gains 1 EXP each time a player kindles it, and each player can kindle only once a day.
    It's level will not reset every day, so all players should kindle it every day they can.

    Enjoy the food:
    As the event progresses, food will appear randomly around the map, every 30 seconds.
    You can click on this food, to "enjoy" it.
    When you enjoy the food, it will be consumed, and you will receive rewards like Wish Coin Fragment and Bounty Fragments.
    You can use these rewards in the Black Market, to obtain wish coins and bounty, once you have enough fragments.
    You can consume food up to 15 times every day, and after that you will simply get a message, saying that you have enjoyed enough food and should leave some for the others.
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