[Guide]Cross Server(CS) Texas Hold'em

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    Cross Server(CS) Texas Hold'em

    Hello Dragon Glory players!
    Our favorite game has bring so many events to entertain each of you in many ways, and this event is one of them.
    CS Texas Hold'em is an cross server event, where 5players(or less) can join at 1 table in one of the 9 rooms and play Poker.
    This event is an cycle activity, so if you missed an season no worries, event gonna be back.

    To enter on event you need click on this icon: cstexas1.png
    After we click on icon will pop this tab where you choose the room you want to play Poker.

    Before to enter in one of the 9 room's, you need make sure you have card deal attempts.

    Where do we get card deal attempts?

    1. As is write on my above picture, you can get free card deals just by staying online a certain time.
    2. You can buy attempts by using 5rubies(rewards or recharge ones).
    3. Daily recharge of an certain amount of rubies.

    cstexas7.png cstexas8.png

    In all 3 ways to receive card deals, you need click on Claim Reward->Buy Attempts or Log in reward.

    Play the card to win rich rewards!

    After you have cards deal attempts, you will choose a room to join.


    As can be seen in my above illustration, you can play manually or automatically.
    The player who deals higher card will receive points.


    *The more points you get more rewards to receive.
    *When you reach a certain amount of scores you will receive a corresponding reward.


    Reach from 24points to 1200points to collect all those rewards.
    First 200 people on ''Scores ranking'' will get extra reward.
    Number one on scores ranking will receive an special title ''Poker King'' available for 20days.


    Enjoy your time gambling and good luck!

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