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    Brave Challenge
    Brave Challenge is an cycle event and can be done as Single Play(1player) and

    Team Play(3players).


    Single Play

    Can be done by just clicking on ''Single Play'' and will take you to place to kill guards.
    imageedit_1_7964990232.png imageedit_2_9652464762.png

    -In this dungeon you will have 4 Easy, 4 Hard and 2 Master Guards.

    If you can't kill all guards, don't worry, this event is an cycle event and you will do it next time. :)

    Team Play
    This dungeon will take you to Cross Server area, where you will create your own team or just join random team.

    After your team is ready just go attack guards.

    imageedit_2_2235442034.png imageedit_1_2705977242.png
    -In this dungeon you and your team (the other 2 players) will fight against 2Easy, 2Hard and 2Master Guards.

    For both dungeons is available:
    -You can attack on guards by clicking on them, or just use *Challenge direct button from ''Info'' tab on -the right side of the screen.
    -Each guard you kill, will guarantee great rewards.

    After you done your dungeons, you can try your luck on Brave Treasure

    In this wheel you can use Keys of Braves(obtain from Brave Challenge Dungeons) and also you can spend rubies for great rewards like:
    -Fragments of skill book:costume and mount;
    -Fragments of Party set: sword, armor and hat;
    -Fragments of High Level Dragomon Skill Book;
    -Higher refine stone;
    -Divination token;
    -Summoning stone gift box;

    -Dragomon quality stone;
    -Dragomon medium EXP portion;
    -Spiritual Power Bead with Random Stats for Dragomon.

    Also try Discount Shops, you may find items that you need. :)

    Enjoy gaming!
    I hope this guide was helpful.
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