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    There are actually 7 types of bosses and all of them are cross server in some way.

    Equity, Rare, Personal, Chosen, World, State and Border


    All bosses have certain respawn times - after server reset their revive takes slightly longer.​

    All bosses are cross server - you can notice meeting players from different factions than your own.

    Basically, servers are divided by numbers, but grouped of 3 (for cs events).
    Like: s1 - wind, s2 - wood, s3 - thunder, s4 - wind, s5 - wood, s6 - thunder, s7 - wind, etc.
    Your faction is easiest foundable next to your name, above your char (if you are lazy to count servers)

    For this boss you need to have enough EB orders.

    In first tab there are Equity bosses up to lvl 300 - there is PVP option basically turned off (that's why I like them, because I don't die there :D). They unlock one by one according to your actual character level.
    You can earn equipment scrolls, equipment frags (used in shop for obtaining scrolls) and gold.


    Equity boss will give a reward to every player, who participated and dealt any amount of damage. Every attacker can get 1 reward, according to his placement in dmg leaderboard.

    Reward is sent through ingame mail as soon as boss is dead.
    For this boss you need to have enough rare boss orders.

    On second tab you can find Rare Bosses, again up to lvl 300. Those ones are with PvP mode on - so is more than possible that someone else will kill you. Even troop making wont save you, some are so hard in going for drops, that they leave troop just before boss dies and kill all players around to have whole drop for themselves.
    Their drops are slightly different - instead of equipment frags you get upgrade gems, for color change of your items.
    As well main part of drop are scrolls, needed for upgrade.

    This boss has an "owner".

    Who did first hit to him is so-called "boss master", is listed as Belonger and has nice title above his/her head - something like target on your head.:) Here is important to make groups, because only master's group will get drop. And, as you probably noticed already, PvP is enabled, so killing "master" and taking title for your group seems to be easiest way.


    Reward will come in mail after boss dies.

    Fourth tab is Chosen boss.
    There are 3 bosses with various spawn times and only one can be active at same moment.


    First one is Anubis, activated at 10am server time.
    Second is Zeus, activated at 4am server time.
    Last is Lich King, activated at 10pm servet time.

    All battles are same, only difference is in boss appearance and name.

    And, important thing, it's ONE server non-pvp boss. So no kill-stealing, no murdering of lowbies, everyone gets his/her reward.

    At well-know table at right side of screen there is boss info, as usual. I still didn't figure out what is rank level damage for.
    Below it is list of top attackers, including caused dmg amount.

    Rewards are given for 2 different "achievements". First is dmg rank placement, as was mentioned before, second is reward for last strike.
    (chest on second screen includes random upgrade gem - wings, mount, etc affinity stone)

    Once per day you can multiply your reward x3, but you have to do it before boss dies. Button for that you can find below dmg ranking list :)

    Fifth tab is World boss.
    This boss respawns 2 times a day and it's PVP again. Also it is only way to obtain weapon gems, but still you need tons of luck.
    You get one WB token every day as login gift.


    85 and 95 bosses drops orange gems.
    115 and 130 bosses drop red gems.
    150 and 165 bosses drop dark gold gems.
    220 and 250 bosses drop fire yellow gems.

    If you don't know what are those gems needed for, check out Forging guide - color upgr.

    This boss gives main drop, which belongs to its owner and participation drop which you get to mail (as you already know from other bosses). Especially at higher bosses it's very fast fight, because droprate is really awful at this moment so everyone needs gems for himself.
    State boss appears in Border fortresses of according faction. You have to find it (and fight for it, usually).
    There is participation reward, but main boss kill reward belongs to person, who did last hit. So, if you find boss which is not attacked, keep it for yourself and don't share, or you can get nothing (but participation reward) at all.


    Boss respawn takes 2 hours since its death. But there is pause - between 2 and 8 am server time. During that pause boss doesn't respawn.
    In this shop you can buy scrolls, used for equpiment upgrade. "Currency" is called Equipment fragments or magic fragments for higher equip, those you can earn from Equity bosses and from equipment smelting, which is good to do with spare or low-lvl equipment parts.
    Border boss spawn area is at Neutral battlefield - you can find spawnpoint by looking at map.


    Where the skull icon is, there is spawnpoint.


    This type of bosses is similar to state one. Main drop gets player, who deals last hit.

    Possible drop:
    Random skill book
    Random feature gem
    Random upgr. gem


    Boss spawntime is 6 hours. And same is spawn pause - between 2 and 8 am server time is boss sleeping and refusing to awake and being killed.
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