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    Cross server battle - Battle Quest
    Battle quests are available from 12:00 server time. Every hour 6 battle quests are updated. Each quest can be accepted by only 1 player from that state. The higher the star each quest is, the more difficult that quest will be, but the rewards received will be greater after completion. You have 30 minutes to complete each quest. If it is not completed within time, you will fail and receive no rewards. As you can see in the picture, you need a certain level of Rank to accept quests.

    Maximum number of quests each player can do is 5. You do not have to complete all of your quests in 1 hour. You can pick and choose which level of stars you want to accept, and do them throughout the day, as long as you have the correct level of rank.


    After accepting a quest, you can share it with a team and complete it together. But only team members who have not already accepted a quest can help. You can click to share a quest only 1 time, so best to make sure your team mates are ready to accept and not afk. To share with your team, click "Co-op quest"

    If you do not have a team, but have accepted a quest, you can click "Invite team" This will send an invitation into World Chat and will let anyone from your server join and help you.

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