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    Here is my Guide for the new Balen Fund Event [​IMG]

    The Event Starts 10 Days after Server opening, runs for 20 Days and restarts every 30 Days.


    You can deposit 5 different amounts of Balens and make more after a few days. Of couse if you wait longer you will get more Balens.

    But be careful you can Deposit and Claim only once during the event.


    After you decided your amount, you need to confirm it.


    If you are not patient you can claim 103 % of your investment after 3 Days.


    If you claim it between 2 Investment Points you will only get the Lower %.

    If you are patient you make the max of 170 % after 20 Days if you invest on Day 1.


    Also remember you сan not claim you Investment on the First Day.

    And don't be scared if you have invested and we merge your server.
    You will automatically get the full 170 % if you are on the merged server. For the main server in the merging group the event will go as normal.

    Have Fun in Dragon Blood and Invest into you future Gameplay.
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