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    Hello Dragon Blood Players! This guide will help the Balen Cashback event.

    Login Rewards

    1.While the event is undergoing, stay online in the game the specified time to collect the rewards. Remember if you will not be online or you will be late you will not be able to collect them

    Time periods:
    1) 00:00-12:00

    7 days recharge

    You have to recharge minimum 200 balens daily to be able to collect the rewards. Keep recharging 7 days in a row and you will get great rewards and an Andromeda Talent Card.

    Recharge Reward

    Recharging specific amount of balens daily will let you collect amazing and rare items
    such as Souls circle pearls, Holy weapon enchanting and Talent card chests.The total amount resets daily and you start from the beginning the next day.

    Balen Return

    During this Event in Balen Return you will receive 25% of the amount of the Recharge balens spent during the day as a rebate (reward Balens) The maximum rebate is 50.000
    You can not collect the rebate instantly.You will need to wait for a specified amount of days to pass before you can claim your rebate, as seen in the screenshot.
    Consuming Recharge balens will count for the current day only.

    Discount Mall

    Here you are able to buy items and get Discount on them if your total amount will reach a specific amount. On the Primary Market you can use both Recharge and Reward Balens. On Vip Market only Recharge Balens can be used.

    Play Dragon Blood
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