[GUIDE] BAGS Full, Full Bags

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    I'm sure many of you have come across this problem only to look into your inventory and see that you have tons of space as in the picture below.


    So when you go to collect an item, it tells you , Your Bags are full and it's at this point you go , No, I have room..why can't I collect my items. BUT what happens is that, the item you may be collecting, like gems, or equipment-it's bag might be full


    Or you will get this message that says, you've got mail, which is telling you that your bags are full and that the items have been sent to your mailbox.


    So, please make sure that you have space in every area of your bags before collecting items. Especially make room when you are going to Vip.
    Take a moment to check. Check your main inventory, gems, equipment, materials, sacred and runes tabs to make sure you have room for your items.

    I hope this guild is helpful...please feel free to contact me with any questions ....
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