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    Dear player,
    Did you get a message that you need to use an authorization code?
    Nothing to worry about! :)

    Definition of Authorization Code
    An authorization code is an alphanumeric password that authorizes its user to purchase, sell or transfer items, or to enter information into a security-protected space.
    An authorization code is typically a sequence of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, that validates a person's identity, approves a transaction or provides access to a secured area.

    Usually players that haven't login for a wile into 101XP Platform or they login from an new device will get this Authorization Code.
    Is just for your account security.


    After you login into your platform account and you receive an message like this, means you have to check on your e-mail for the Authorization Code. The same e-mail that you used to activate your platform account.
    If you didn't received, or you just didn't do it in time (max 1Hour), click on the right down corner on ''Send again'' to receive a new code.


    1-> Open your e-mail;
    2-> Go to your unread e-mails or eventually check the Spam;
    3-> Open the mail from 101XP.com;
    4-> The message will open and you will need to scroll down to find the Authorization Code;
    5-> Copy the CODE and Paste it back to your Platform page Message;
    6-> Click ''LOG IN'', and your all set up! :)


    You lost your e-mail, or forgot password?
    Try reach one of Game Moderators to help you contact Support.
    As well you can join our Discord Channel :
    Go To Dragon Glory Discord Channel

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